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· Alan Paterson
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Hi guys,

I have to agree with certain comments and feelings in this (and other) threads..

The fixed 6 or 8 lane speedways are and have been built to serve a purpose, for us to enjoy racing "As close as we possibly can", to to the real thing, by means of racing ALL lanes in order to accomplish some level of fairness in the overall results...

Digital will not only allow more realism, (in more ways than one), but also, maintain the existing levels of competitiveness, and introduce new and much required skills in order to win.

By taking out any variables such as hardware or lap counting problems, IMHO, digital is going to seperate the men from the boys. I don't know about other wooden tracks around the world, but crashes DO occur just as much on those tracks (And our club), and this with no form of lane changing systems. A de-slot with the buch close behind usually results in more mayhem, so, how much more of an issue really, will Digital bring to to this scenario?

A big crash on standard tracks also requires a marshal to have to reslot the car(s) back in the correct lanes, which is also time consuming. Digital, the chances are the cars might re-slot themselves if they stay on their wheels and coast across a corner, or bounce off a barrier and back into the outside lane, which, coincidently, will be the marshal's first point of re-marshalling anyway...

By also introducing penulties for forced crashes and bumping, the drivers themselves will also realise they can't simply push a slower car out of the way, but will require more grey matter to work the tactics out to do the overtaking manouvre in a decent, and correct fashion.

I know for a fact, irrespective of costs, that when Ninco release their Digital System, I will be first in line to buy the "kits" and build a new 3 laner at home which WON't require the arbitrary bridge/lane evener, and provide a much more interesting, and realistic aspect to the hobby...

Evolution has arrived, 40 plus years down the line...


Big Al
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