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"Digital . . . will introduce new and much required skills in order to win."
Not sure upon what any requirement for "new skills" is based.
It's an opinion but I believe it is in a minority.

"By taking out any variables such as hardware or lap counting problems"[/quote
Not only do I think it won't achieve this, but I am fairly sure it will introduce even more variables.

"I don't know about other wooden tracks around the world, but crashes DO occur just as much on those tracks (And our club), and this with no form of lane changing systems. A de-slot with the buch close behind usually results in more mayhem, so, how much more of an issue really, will Digital bring to to this scenario?"
Common sense and logic place beyond any doubt that, if crashes already occur with no lane changing, then the incidence will automatically increase with lane changing.

"By also introducing penulties for forced crashes and bumping, the drivers themselves will also realise they can't simply push a slower car out of the way, but will require more grey matter to work the tactics out to do the overtaking manouvre in a decent, and correct fashion."
More offences and more penalties will absolutely require judgement decisions from other people. Assuming there are people who will take on this job, it's a certain recipe for argument and bad feeling, especially if, as in the vast majority of cses, those judges will be other drivers!

Digital and lane changing has much to recommend it, but the points I mention are real and definite disadvantages.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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