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I have a problem with this.

I'm looking forward to digital 'cause it'll allow me to model some of the more "combatative" racing categories such as Rally-cross & Speedway racing. A hit & giggle. (Don't have enough time nor money for a "club" track nor to go to one dammit). I'll still have my analog for my babies though. Hurt them enought without being driven into!

I don't believe that these threads will settle into something meaningful until we've all had a chance to have a bash at it. Everything I seem to read is either from Europe through DAVIC racing or from pro & anti digital people talking toot.

I would like to see people taking this with an open mind. Yeah it's different. It ain't going to drag people by the thousands from the "Analog" tracks - it ain't going to drag people from the PS2's. It's just a "new" way to play & will take a while to filter through no matter how enthused you are (after all - who bought a "first" generation anything??)
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