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Digital car moving when put on track when not under individual control!

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HI, has anyone experience a digital car make electrical contact and moving when placed on the track as a pace car. The movement stops when the car is put under control by plugging in the hand controller. Any one know what may be causing this?
I have replaced the braids and even swapped around the contacts but it still happens !
Any advice would be appreciated. The car is on as scalextric track and is a scalextric car.
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If you are using a C7042 Advanced power base then this is normal, pace cars move as soon as the controller is unplugged.
I should have stated that the car moves when the race is under starters orders. The other pace cars remain stationary.. I am using RCS64 and when a race is starting usually all pace cars remain stationary until the start lights go green. However this car creeps forward.
How did you set up the pace cars? Constant speed?
HI , I set up the car using the pace car set up in RCS64 and I have used both the variable speed and constant speed. I.e using a controller and not using a controller . If the RCS64 programme is not on and the C7042 is turned on the car moves just the same.
Is it just one car that shows this sympton...? if so it is likely that the motor drive MOSFET inside the in car module has been damaged leaving it in a permanent full-on or semi-on state... maybe?

This sounds possible , it is the only car that shows this action. Can the module be reprogrammed? Or is it a replacement job?
Have a look in this thread and see if you can identify if your chip has a any damaged components ........... :thumbsup:
Thanks for that, I have looked at the thread and examined the chip board, but there is no sign of damage. The car operates normally when connected to a controller. Could it be somethings to do with the suppressor? I had to change one of the leads from the pick up shoe awhile ago, after the wire broke. This entailed soldering it the suppressor. Could this be a connection problem?
Does the problematic car show the same symptoms when programmed to a different ID?
Maybe a re-boot of the APB is needed ......... hold down these 3 buttons together: ◄ ▼ START. It should then restart with default settings.
Thanks for your input, yes even when programmed to a different. iD it still happens. It is the only car effected. A reboot may be worth a try.
Many thanks .

if it's dpr chip just swap it for another, or try the chip in another car, if the problem follows the chip then it's the culprit, you sometimes need a microscope to be able to see the damage, it may only be a very small hole or micro bubbling..
I think we are back to the view it is likely to be a faulty in-car module. I think you reported earlier that the module worked ok with a normal throttle controller but gives problems as a pacer car.

The issue here could be that the motor drive MOSFET is not switching off correctly. Also, perhaps you have the channel set to dynamic braking in which case the motor brake may be preventing the car from crawling forward. Then, in pacer mode, the brake may be released causing the car to crawl forward due to the faulty drive MOSFET even though the throttle is intended to be at zero. If this is the case, the in-car module may be getting warm... particularly the motor and the brake MOSFETs...

An obvious question that we have all overlooked so far ........ what method are you using to drive the cars as pacer??
indeed... a very good first question which somehow we all overlooked :)
Hi I decided to look at the issue of dynamic braking and whilst looking for the setting I examined every tick box I could. I noticed a box on the main page of v4 of RCS64 that read do not send power to the cars on list. I checked this and would you believe the rogue car no longer moves when place on the track. I tested it out as a pace car and I functioned properly. Problem seems to be solved. Although when the programme was shut down, the car reverted to moving again.
The method I am using for driving pace cars are both the variable and constant speed settings in RCS64.
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