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Julius Wilkko
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This is the first time I hear that Scalex chips would have fixed IDs. I'd guess that it is not true. Unique hard-wired address would increase number of address bits and take more time to send to the car. Naturally it's possible to encode the longer unique address to shorter address to be sent to the car.

1. My guess is: not true. Adds complexity and digital lag. But we have to just wait and see......

2. If Scalex is planning on selling millions you should have 3bytes assigned for address.
binary number 111111111111111111111111 is 16777215 in decimal value, that is 16777215 different addresses.
Propably 2 bytes for address could be adequate, that would yield 65535 different addresses, very unlikely that you would ever have two same addresses at same track.

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