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Digital Chips in cars

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I have today taken the digi chips from the porcsche's in the digital set and transplanted these in a opel DTM and Merc DTM.

These work fine fitting the chip took a bit of ingenuity but their in.

One thing i have noticed is that the lights on the cars stay on and stay at a constant brightness.

Has anyone else swapped the chips to different cars

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I transplanted the chip to my favorite GB track Texaco Porsche GT1 with head and tail/brake lights. The hole for the screw holding the car in the display box was perfect for the sensor. A little soldering and to the test.............oops the car went backwards
. Switched the wires and forward she goes and the lights are working nice too.

The only downside is that I had to remove the interior to make place for the controller chipboard.
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