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Digital Diary of the Well Mountain Mad Man

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The Eagle has Landed

Pit-Pro still needs to be installed:

Made my self a "Shauns Esses" chicane.

From another angle

Left/Right Es

Right/Left Es

It makes a faster line through the esses

Who needs headlights for digital racing ?

I'm pretty much on another planet right now, so I'll return later with a proper description of my last plastic track(After this one it's gonna be wood)

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That last pic looks like a variation on something from oldslotracer himself. I have seen a couple of routed layouts that have the inside lane crossover to the outside and the other two lanes move in one. These mods are very interesting but more complex than the earlier racing line "esses" om post #1.

Keep up the good work and show us your progress... you are truly taking us into new territory!

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QUOTE (PSRRFH @ 4 Mar 2010, 10:13) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Rails/fence are old Scalextric Red and orange ones cut down and held in place by the flagpoles(Wooden barbeque sticks painted white)
So if I read you correctly, you are saying that OLD Scalextric barriers/fences can be used with Sport/Digital track?
Can they be clipped on or must you use poles/stakes to secure them to the table surface?


PS, wonderful looking layout BTW. Love the In-to-In lane changes and see you put the sensor track in between so it is not just 2 esses back-to-back. Very smart.
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Thanks, Lars.

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Remind me again, do you use the exit flippers on the "Shaun-swerve" inside-to-inside lane change or did you manufacture your own?
If the latter, is it hard to do?

I just love the "Shaun-swerve" but don't want to spend a fortune on the LCs.

Also, had a brief thought that the unused ends of the LCs (the Out-to-in bits) could make a faster lane change and thus not waste any pieces.

Your skill and fearlessness at cutting track amazes me.

Keep going!

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I am a loss for words!

You have done work that most of us can only appreciate and not replicate.

You called a "short single lane changer" a very easy piece of work. Not so my friend!
I will be lucky to create a modified CLC IN-to-IN best lane piece and that involves only one track cut per piece!

Kudos to you for experimenting and showing how plastic track can emulate routed for design variations.

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1 - 5 of 87 Posts
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