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Digital Diary of the Well Mountain Mad Man

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The Eagle has Landed

Pit-Pro still needs to be installed:

Made my self a "Shauns Esses" chicane.

From another angle

Left/Right Es

Right/Left Es

It makes a faster line through the esses

Who needs headlights for digital racing ?

I'm pretty much on another planet right now, so I'll return later with a proper description of my last plastic track(After this one it's gonna be wood)

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Lars goes digital!!!!

oh my god is the world going mad....

Great chop job on the CLC's.... did you manage to make two from two? or was it a more expensive 4 CLC butchery...

Would hate to be racing on the inside lane against a barnstormer on the best line you would see nothing but dust!!!! great job lars...

I think i'm jelous yet again...

Think i was bitten by the scenery bug while sleeping the other night... woke up with a plan to go routed... not sure what i've let myself in for!!!
QUOTE (PSRRFH @ 16 Feb 2010, 15:24) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>I'm looking forward for your routed project, and will be taking notes as we all know that one day we all go routed.

You can't take notes from me... you inspired me!!! just learn from my mistakes... there will be loads.

It was definately the well moutain proxy on Youtube I stubled across late one night that rekindled the slot car gene...

that and having a "space" to build a layout... then for some reason decided to build three?

I have already decided based on your experiences the cobblestones in my marketplace will be "plasitcard"... although i do have a dremel... and often up at 3am.... argh!!!!

Starting to believe that insanity is part of creativity... if thats the case im definately creative...
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Nice work lars....

You learn quickly.... those lines are pretty smooth... like it

Is your patience available to buy in a jar from anywhere?
You have the right idea without a doubt when it comes to corner creation but lane changing is so "individual" to each lap of the race... I try to think of a layout as "telling a story" each corner designed to do "something" to to the cars to make a lap interesting... the limit with the lane changers, especially the clc's is that story is limited to a single lane and that lane may not be where the excitement is each lap, both cars may be in the other one....

You set my mind thinking about my "loft" and whether when i get up ther to make a layout where i "rout" a wide slot and drop in the "digital electronics" cut from the plastic track for the lane changers and a normal 3mm slot running into them and out of them to create more of a flow so there isn't the limitation of the designs available... you are certainly pushing the envelope using what manufactures make available to us and inspire us all...

My next layout is just for fun, analogue and will complete my wall mounted "trio"... then got a house to sell... then once the summer gets here (if ever) i will prepare the loft in the meantime i'm gonna race as much as i can on my digital layouts and see what it actually adds to the mix... not 100% certain that 4 cars on two lanes gives enough variation, your three lane corner certainly creates a great piece of trackwork that looks fab and probably is a thrill to drive... three cars heading into it neck and neck toward the finish line and it could be carnage! but thats the problem with digital itself... the car infront is a roadblock or a toyota if its just accelerating!

I dont think any manufacturer of "digital slot racing! really knows what it should bring to racing except more participants... 4 people racing is so much more fun than two but six and it becomes "deslot" hell on a small layout... think we all have loads to learn but after five years i think we have done pretty good to get what we have in SSD with PBPro, SSDC etc... now with lars on the lane changers we could be heading for version 2.0
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QUOTE (Graham Lane @ 27 Feb 2010, 04:19) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>I've just stumbled on this amazing chicane, a must have for my track! Can you tell me how long it is, or how many track pieces it replaces? If Scalextric don't start producing this they are really missing a tric and maybe should just be called Scalex in future.
Wonderful stuff. Many thanks.

They were called "scalex" when they started making cars that were clockwork... when the put motors in they became "tric".... maybe we should spend some time winding them up until they become innovative again
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Funny you should mention "Pro" track...

Why can't we have chemically blackened rails... they do it for the model train wheels... imagine track with no big silver streaks down it... now i'd pay more for that!
QUOTE (PSRRFH @ 7 Mar 2010, 17:35) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>ohh btw. Mr. Scorpio Nice idea with the black rails. Is it something the train people do themself or is poisonous ? so they have it done in CHINA
And I was just wandering about your opinion about the curve cumbo what lane will you choose??(Taking the inside lane is the only way to allow drivers to take both the hairpins at full speed.) Chips'n'Dibs

They chemically coat the wheels of the trains so they don't look shiny but they still "conduct" and yeah of course its done in china... all toy trains are made in china!

I think the inside lane from the lane changer is defo the way to go... The r3 inner lane is the fatest always and it avoids the sharp swing on the flat crossover my choice every time... though i must admit with 4 cars on lap one the mayhem there could only be considered..... fun! I have a secret behind my lane changer position on my GT1 layout... will explain more once its mounted on the wall.... and i finally stop bleeding!...

Dibs Lars, keep it up... Admire what you do always.... although i'm not sure Mr Eccleston would let an F1 car near that track surface... but it looks cool!
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Lars if ya charged £100 for a tent pitch in ya garden for a racing weekend you could count me in... maybe not in december judging by the snow you had blowing accross the mountain!

sure there are many more who would be happy to help fund the next part of the well mountain mad mans continued exploits in the same way!
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