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Digital Diary of the Well Mountain Mad Man

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The Eagle has Landed

Pit-Pro still needs to be installed:

Made my self a "Shauns Esses" chicane.

From another angle

Left/Right Es

Right/Left Es

It makes a faster line through the esses

Who needs headlights for digital racing ?

I'm pretty much on another planet right now, so I'll return later with a proper description of my last plastic track(After this one it's gonna be wood)

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Ahh "Flåklypa Grand Prix" (the original Norwegian name of the movie).

Fantastic movie
The 1:1 car is HUGE and it's on display at Hunderfossen family park (close to Lillehammer) togheter with the trolls and fantastic fantasy worlds.

Il Tempo Gigante has two engines, one up forward packing twelve cylinders, which at 11 000 revs develops 800 brake horse power. This in turn starts the turbine engine at the rear, with its octagonal carburettor ignition, which gives an extra kick of about 1200 hp at 18000 revs. Jointly these two engines will produce a boost guaranteed to register 5.3 on the Richter scale.

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1 - 1 of 87 Posts
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