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Digital Diary of the Well Mountain Mad Man

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The Eagle has Landed

Pit-Pro still needs to be installed:

Made my self a "Shauns Esses" chicane.

From another angle

Left/Right Es

Right/Left Es

It makes a faster line through the esses

Who needs headlights for digital racing ?

I'm pretty much on another planet right now, so I'll return later with a proper description of my last plastic track(After this one it's gonna be wood)

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The left/right "S" is made out of two lanechangers, but as thats gonna be expensive in the long run I created the expit piece for the right/left "S" from a standard radius 2 curve and a radius 3 curve.

I've got a couple of other mods comming up in the next days

The scenery thing is infectious, so be carefull or you'll find your self at 3 in the morning with a dremmel in one hand doing coble stones.

I've rug raced digital for a couple of years and have wanted to build a digi track from the begginning but got distracted by a mountain, a proxy race, and a shopping mall.

I'm looking forward for your routed project, and will be taking notes as we all know that one day we all go routed.

I can't take credit for this as I've taken the idea from this thread
racing line transplant

For a left/right "S" you do it like this.
Basically you trash a lefthand in to out and cut it in half(Used for the entry)
then you trash a right hand out to in and cut in half(Used for the exit)

then you join the two sections with hot glue weld the rails where you cut them and "Bob's your uncle"

Instead of trashing another lanechane for the exit piece you can make it from a standard radius 2 curve and a radius 3 curve.

I'll try to do a photo tutorial when I get a new lanechane

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Well ohh well
Here is the beginning of my next mod. It's gonna be a combined High speed Racing curve and Out to in lanechange, And hopefully it's gonna be Bi-directional.

I noticed that the curves before the X in a digital X-Over(Lanechange) matches an Outer R4 curves.

so here we have a straight followed by 2 R3 and then comes a long straight

And here is the Modded X-over with added R4 Slots

I still need to create the road surface, and you all know what that means(Dry wall mud)
And then to move one sensor to the other end of the track piece.
The white sticks in the slots where to keep all the slots aligned while I hot glued the pieces together.

Enjoy & thanks for watching
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That's too funny that you drop by 2 days after I started this track cutting journey.
I don't know how many times I've read your thread or looked at the pictures as I don't have any electronic knowledge.
So you are very much the reason/Inspiration for doing this.

I hope to make all my lane-changes Bi-Directional.
And this X-over racing curve should work when I move one of the sensors on the sensor board to the exit flipper.

I would love to see a video of your track
Thanks for stopping by
@ Sean, Again I think it can be credited to my manic nature, it's a bit like you're work documenting the speed of different track piece combinations.
In the end it comes down to the fact that we want more enjoyment out of what we have got.

@ Greg
Thanks I'll build lots of carpet layouts before I commit to anything.

But this track is gonna be a fast one, as opposed to my rally tracks, a grandprix/CanAM track inspired by the movie Pinch Cliff Grandprix.
why or what is that you ask ?
Well I want to build the cars from that movie and most of the cars are CanAm cars except for the Il Tempo Gigante the Bertone Carabo & the Abarth 2000.

Car number 12 - Abarth 2000.
Driven by the dangerous German, Heinrich von Schnellfahrer, also known as the speed phenomenon with monokkel and glasSeye

Car number 3 - Bertone Carabo.
Driven by Ruffino Gassolini, also nown as the speed devil from Torino.

Car number 5 - McLaren Chevrolet.
Driven by Ronnie Medel-Svensson,

Car number 8 - Lola L&M 260 Can Am.
Driven by Carlos Fandangio, the man from the Pampas

Car number 4 - Lola L&M 260 Can Am.
Driven by the Irish Jimmy Mc Quick

Boomerang Rapido - Mc Laren M8B. (12 cylinders)
Driven by Rudolf Blodstrupmoen, Don't know his English name

And last but not least
Il Tempo Gigante
Build and driven by the bike repairman Theodore Rim

all cars but Il Tempo Gigante was Politoys kits in scale 1:25
So I'll need to find them in 1/32
And I'm thinking of using a Fly Truck as the foundation for I'l Tempo Gigante.

Here is a video of the race:

Of course I'll never finish this project but I think I'll have some fun while trying to do it
So that's about it for a rather length response

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@ 356Speedster, "Flåklypa Grand Prix" and "Sidebrok" are some of my favorite things coming out of Norway, other things would be the snow and the nature.

Well I got a little further with the Racing curve Out to in lanchange.

Here is how I'm rebuilding the road surface.
I taped a very thin piece of clear plastic to the back side of the corner.(It was from some kind of IKEA packaging)
How do you photograph something clear ????

Then I glued on corrugated cardboard patches in the areas where the road surface is missing.
Here you can actually sense the clear plastic :)
I glue on corrugated cardboard so that the drywall mud will have something uneven to stick to.

And last I added some coffee stirring sticks to the X-section.

Then I added the first layer of drywall mud and put it infront of the heater to let it dry(no pictures of that)

I've never been good at waiting, keeping secrets or at economy, so here is what I started on next.
It's a 180 degree decreasing/tightening curve (But it dosn't have to stay that way)it's composed of 2 R4 then 2 R3 and ending in a 90 degree racing curve/X-over

Looking at an straight lane changer just before a corner has always made me think why Scalextric have not made a variation on this track piece like this.
Enabling a third lane on the inside.

So a straight piece will take you to the inside lane and into a R3 piece.

then comes two 22.5 degree R2 pieces so that the corner can be taken apart and maybe just be a part of a longer 3 lane section

finally exiting the corner through two R2 outer curves.

that's it, see ya at the next Eldorado
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I'll do the bold statement that anybody can do "Shauns S-ses" as I call them, two cuts with an electric pendulum saw,......(the ones you hold in your hand and the blade goes up and down)
(in Denmark we call it the rabbits naughty parts).....andBob's your uncle.

With the collective thinking going on at the moment, maybe I should start taking orders from people ??

cheers and thanks for watching
Well, life goes on.

Here is what I ended up with after tonights cutting.

2 lane to 3 lane entrance

3 lane to 2 lane exit

You do not need to use it for a 180-degree curve since it can also serve as a starting piece and end piece to a 3 track section.
That is why I use the 2 half standard R2 curves, so it can be separated for each 22.5 degree.

And now I'll see if I can manage to get some more Hot glue or I'll have to wait until Monday, if so..... some rally cars will get a good trashing around

Kind Regards
You do not have to be crazy to be here, but it helps.
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QUOTE (rallyP @ 21 Feb 2010, 04:03) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Hi Lars, do not know how could I have missed this new adventure of yours! Very interesting cut and paste constructions, almost total freedom!!

How is the digital thingy going for you?

Well I've been rug racing on and off with digital for a couple of years but only with a 4-car base which is not very powerfull IMHO, the cars lack topspeed and punch.
It's OK fun though, for a two car persuit on my shopping mall :)
But with the PB-Pro upgrade it's very close to the analog power and it's a funny sensation when you start a race and the car feels real heavy and slow, and then lab by lab you can feel the car getting faster and faster, due to fuel consumption.
So lots of new stuff that will take some time to get used to and lots of enhancements to the driving experience and gaming aspect.
Of course sector timing would be sweet aswell, and I think it can be done with some kind of program . And that way my Mountain and my Shopping Mall can be included in various ways.

The second thing is a thing that I think all manufactures have got wrong and the reason for cutting up my 3 curve lane changers and 2 X-overs:

The trackpieces available does not create interesting or real racing lines, which leads to a kinda dull sensation IMHO

ex. The esses that ShaunBMX came up with would be so easy for Scalextric to produce (I mean it's based on there own footprint!!!!!)
Yesterday I discovered that the rather expensive leftovers from making one of the esses(the In to Out ends) makes for an exelent bottleneck into a parabolica(I think it's called) singel lane section.
The R3 curve with R4 racing curve inlays like I've done would also be easy to make based on there existing footprint.
A longer X-over, and a variation piece with a 2 lane to 3 lane extension like shown above.
Generally I'm missing track pieces that creates oppertunities instead of blocking options.
Entry and exit flippers with power should be mandatory(Something that I still need to learn), so you had bi-directional driving.
And sensors for triggering the flippers should be made as butten connectors so that you could click them on under any trackpiece prior to the Flipper.
Finally I think there should be a guide where you could mount the incar diode right infront of the guideBlade(Thats another MOD) to ensure that sliding cars would still trigger flippers.

So what do I think of digital ???

Well the PB-PRO saves the day on the control, Power & Gaming side of things, and with some heavy Slice 'n' Dice you can make some pretty interesting moves.
Give it 10 more years and I'll guess that we'll see some pretty amazing stuff.

QUOTE (duncanb @ 21 Feb 2010, 12:42) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Wow......
Im watching very closely to see what you do next. Suddenly, having previously been happy with my layout, I have now decided that a few of my corners are a little boring.... Lets hope I still have enough fingers to type tomorrow!

I hope to have this track cutting journey for a little testspin video in a week or two, probably the later.
Don't sue me if you break or destroy anything :), after a little while I'm sure you will come up with new ideas, please come back and share as I'm running out of trackpieces to cut :-(
And Please be careful with whatever you use to cut.
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Thanks all for the comments and suggestions, I'm a bit tired up due to a family member passing away but here is a little progress video.


I blew the board on the x-lanchanger for the high speed curve and will have to speak to Rico about a replacement board/Sensor.
Hi Greg, I'm glad you like it. I actually had your "Fill this space" thread in the back of my head, when building this little test track.

it does however have a couple of straights too much on the long side, but the rest of it should fit your space.

chips ' n' dibs

@Gramham Lane
If you want the "Shauns Chicane" bidirectional you'll have to cut two curve lane changers(2right hand in to out or 2 lefthand in to out)
But if you only need one way driving you can make your own exit piece from a standard R2 piece and a R3 piece. which should be cheaper :)

The leftover flipper sections from the first solution are excellent for squeeze section entrance or for a marshal track where de-slotted cars can be placed and navigate back into the race.
You can see how I use them in the video creating a single lane parabolica type turn.(right after the 3 to 2 lane turn)

QUOTE (SplitRim @ 28 Feb 2010, 09:14) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>I notice you have sneaked in a curve between 2 swideswipes.....scaley dont make that shape. What did you use for that piece?


Classic pieces are good for cutting as well eg. take a skid chicane and cut it in half and take a straight piece and cut it in half now glue together a half straight and a half skid chicane X2 and you have yourself a PSRRFH "Skid Blast Chicane" X2
And take a couple of Goodwood chicanes and join them with squeeze curves can make all kind of funky mountain roads.

The piece between the sideswipe and the Grahams "Lane swerve chicane is an R3 inner plus part of a R4 inner.
The entrance to the squeeze is costume made as well. the outer lane is a inner R3 and the inside lane is a quarter straight and a inner 22.5 R1

Here is a first draft of what I have in mind for this project.
The top drawing is the track plan and the bottom drawing is sort of an elevations plan.

Chuppa Chup.
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Well I made some scenic borders for my new S-Section, the locals call it "Hole 19" as people who spend the night at the "Well Mountain Golf Resort" often loose it here.

Right Left entrance

A close up

A close up of the grass

Peak around the Left Right Exit.

And a final one of the car

Kind Regards
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QUOTE (Minardi @ 4 Mar 2010, 12:31) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Wow, great job ! Great photos too ! Suppose there is no 'how to' of converting standard scalextric borders in pieces of art ?
thx, I didn't really take any photos of this one, I "Only" got a zoom for my cam at the moment, and you have to be 2-3 meters away from anything
Basically it's a baseboard of 3 millimeter plywood cut to shape, then I glued and stapled some corrugated cardboard, and on top of that its drywall mud. then I sand it, carve in the details with a sharp knife and then I paint.
Rails/fence are old Scalextric Red and orange ones cut down and held in place by the flagpoles(Wooden barbeque sticks painted white)
grass are from some old African broom hotglued in place and then painted/drybrushed green.
Rocks are blue styrofoam hotglued into place and then some drywall mud to hide the seems.
Trees are homegrown using the usual twisted wire technique.

I'll see if I can do a tutorial on scenic borders, I remember seeing a tutorial somewhere maybe it was drummer. hmmmm I can't find it right now.

QUOTE (aZLAn2000 @ 4 Mar 2010, 13:14) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>De-slotting in that section will be great fun for the marshalls. I doubt the flags will all stand after a 3 minute race. But it looks good though. Very nice feature with the grass, Lars

Thanks Mr. Criss Cross, I might have to hot wire the flag poles ..... that'll teach the marshals a lesson or two :) I thought track call was for slow and careful marshalling in difficult to reach spots ???
Raillings and flag poles can be taken off and leave the cars piling up in the grass instead (That'll teach the drivers a lesson or two when they have to go to the pits to remove debris)

Chips and Dibs
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Old Scalextric Barriers can be used on sports/Digital track pieces, not on the border/Slide pieces though.

I dont like using them directy on the track pieces because they have this little plastic tap that fits on the track surface but cars "leaning" on the barrier will take the occasional rear wheel hop due to a wheel catching one of the plastic taps.
The barriers have ready made holes for the barbecue sticks, because back then there where flags coming with the sets meant to be fitted into these holes.

Kind Regards
QUOTE (ronMcRain @ 4 Mar 2010, 23:26) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Amazing stuff .. as always Lars! Love the S-section/"Shauns esses" in the first postings .. A digital convert, are you now?

Oh .. and in case I haven't mentioned it, I'm very [VERY] envious on your curiosity, determination, endless energy .. dare I say, obsession .. to always try out new "tracks", paths, concepts, whatever. Always a pleasure to read about them and get amazed by them!
-- ron --

A digital convert...hmmm it's all slots... I guess the real question is how we play with it, and make it work to suit our needs. I've never been into religious wars, but take interest in whoever or whatever tells a story or burns away on pure energy. Even though I might not agree with a subject I still try to understand what motivates people. I guess it's kinda like, you have to know your enemy in order to beat him.
Besides I don't see analog going away anytime soon.

Apart from the obvious joys of doing controlled slides round a well designed corner, I think that for me, the planning/composing and building of a track and the landscape, is the best part of this hobby. Houses, buildings and the little people are a bit too fiddly for me so they don't get as much time :-(

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okay this rail slice 'n'dice adventure is getting addictive. And when you can't afford any expensive lanechangers it's good to have a solid stash of other trackpieces :)

I think this one is nice.
Here we have a curve cumbo.

half straight standard R2 3 R1 and a standard R2

and here we have a funky squeze :)
I only transformed the outer lane and ony transplanted the rail so borders can be used on it and it can be taken apart in the midle with working lugs and extended with some straights maybe.
the outer lane is a inner R4 inner R3 outer R1 and a half straight

I've never been a big fan of the 180 R1 so heres my rewamp with a Pinch Cliff entrance piece and a puma paw Exit piece into a Lane Swerve chican

and here is a collage of an experimental curve combo 1 lane out of the parabolica into 2 lanes through the hairpin up the squeeze and round the squeeze curve.

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Thanks all I hope it's useful to some BUT and I repeat this,


Let the knife do the work and not your muscle.

I do not take responsibility of what you do to your fingers while doing it :)
Other than that it's pretty much a visual mind game when you get started.

QUOTE (sealevel @ 6 Mar 2010, 01:35) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Lars,
Remind me again, do you use the exit flippers on the "Shaun-swerve" inside-to-inside lane change or did you manufacture your own?
If the latter, is it hard to do?

I just love the "Shaun-swerve" but don't want to spend a fortune on the LCs.

Also, had a brief thought that the unused ends of the LCs (the Out-to-in bits) could make a faster lane change and thus not waste any pieces.

Your skill and fearlessness at cutting track amazes me.

Keep going!


Yes one of my exit points are home grown, 1 standard R2 and a outer R3 combined with hotglue. A cheap and easy one directional solution.
Having flippers at both ends opens up for bi-directional driving which can extend a layouts lifetime tremendously.

any un-used ends from changers are excelent for squeeze type curves/ 2 to 1 entrance points/exit points
A nice thing(The Holy Grail) would be an aftermarket sensorboard, and I'm shure some solenoids can be sourced from somewhere to move the flippers.

I had 3 curve lane changers and 2 X lane changers to start with and I think I've up'ed the driving experience/value considerable and even though I've blown(for now) a board in the bi-directional high speed curve it still works as a high speed racing curve and works a treat.

QUOTE (Ember @ 6 Mar 2010, 03:00) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>We need you working at the design front of Scaley.

Dear Mr. Mrs. Scalextric
I'm looking for a job with travelling every other week/working in my Homelab here in Denmark the others so I can take care of my son.
I do have some ideas for a enhanced track program(Call it PRO maybe and get those electronic whiz kids aboard as well) and some expansion packs with some smack for your dollar(GBP)

I will pretty much work for food and sensorboards + Solenoidsets :)

Kind regards

I'm waiting for their call any day now :)

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Ohh yeah the CAD, the computer... what actually brought me back into slots, was because I was so fed up of sitting in front of a computer instead of using my hands for something.

Well I would do it again if I really had to so Mr. & Mrs. Scalextric I'm waiting for the mail....


ohh btw. Mr. Scorpio
Nice idea with the black rails. Is it something the train people do themself or is poisonous ? so they have it done in CHINA
And I was just wandering about your opinion about the curve cumbo what lane will you choose??(Taking the inside lane is the only way to allow drivers to take both the hairpins at full speed.)

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