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Digital Diary of the Well Mountain Mad Man

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The Eagle has Landed

Pit-Pro still needs to be installed:

Made my self a "Shauns Esses" chicane.

From another angle

Left/Right Es

Right/Left Es

It makes a faster line through the esses

Who needs headlights for digital racing ?

I'm pretty much on another planet right now, so I'll return later with a proper description of my last plastic track(After this one it's gonna be wood)

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Im watching very closely to see what you do next. Suddenly, having previously been happy with my layout, I have now decided that a few of my corners are a little boring.... Lets hope I still have enough fingers to type tomorrow!
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My own idea which I would like to use but have not as yet managed is to...... take 2 pitlane pieces and align them so as to make a 4 into 2 exit.
Now if you were to cut bothepieces down the middle of the straight slot and put the other bits together you would be left with a 3 into one lane narrowing.

My other idea was very similar with 2 XLCs. Again align like a 4 lane 'interchange' and cut down the inner rails. Taking out the smaller bits in the middle and put them together. We have moved from 4 lanes to 3. This should allow both outer lanes an option to the centre at the same time. You would have to engineer the middle flipper as to how you wanted it to work ie. forced onto the 'racing line' with an option to go the other way. Im not sure you could make a car in the middle go straight on. Following????

Proposed position is a 3 lane SF line. Off the grid (cars in lanes 1 and 3) all cars could have an option to break to the centre or avoid a stalled car (false start penalty) in a relatively short strech of track and making it fairer and more realisitc.

You may need to re-read it - I did!

Lars - Can I just ask what you are using to cut the track pieces? A clean cut makes for more accuracy and a better finish.

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Graham - Take a look at this.

A similar thread to this one but on page 2 (post no. 27) the chicane is shown in full. Its just a R2 chicane which makes Scaley not producing it even more crazy!

Its been a while since the last post so im wondering if theres any updates?

Any more amazing mods Lars?
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