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Digital Group 5

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Digital Group 5 (Sideways) Specs

Car Preparation - If not specified below then IT IS NOT ALLOWED.

Brand: Sideways

Type: Group 5

Models: Any Sydeways Group5 Model except for M1 (both models), Capri and Mustang

White Kit: allowed as long as they are fully painted and fully decorated with a real livery and decals - it is up the driver to prove that the livery is authentic.

Min Body Weight: 14 gr

Max downforce: motor downforce only

Magnet location: No traction magnets.

Lights: Optional. If installed, both head and tail lights should be installed. Front should be yellow/white and read red. Double LEDs for headlight allowed if the real model had them.

Rear Tires/prep: P6 1207 tyres only. Not glued on the rim and might be trued. Must be within fenders when viewed from above. The sidewall markings and branding should be visible and readable

Front tires/prep: only stock tires allowed. May be glued, trued, coned and coated for zero friction. The sidewall markings and branding should be visible and readable

Power/fuel: 85%@100% of fuel; 100%@10% of fuel.

Guides: stock guide. It should not touch the bottom of the slot.

Braids: free.

Wiring: free.

SSD Chip: SP15a & b. It must have at least a ferrite man on the motor side. For some old models, the installation of the chip requires to open a hole in the chassis for the IR LED. No other removal of material from the chassis is allowed. Note: the IR LED casing is conductive and if touches the rails it will damage the LED and the chip. Covering the opening of IR LED with transparent tape is recommended to avoid damaging the chip.

Ballast: only up to 5g total added ballast, anywhere in the chassis or pod. No ballast should be visible on the outside of the car (either on the body or below chassis)

Chassis: Stock. May be sanded for float. Max gap .5mm.

Body Screws: free, must be taped over to prevent loss into slot.

Pod Screws: free.

Gearing: free.

Motors: MRRC 16K. Screws can be used to fix the motor to the pod

Pods: Only SW pods. Any offset.

Wheels: Stock - what comes with the car

Axles/Spacers: free

Front axle adjustment with grub screws allowed

Suspensions: any suspension allowed (magnetic, spring or even tape)

Interiors: a fully decorated interior must be present in the car all the time. No lexan/vacformed interiors allowed. Interior can be trimmed for fitting to be able allow body float without touching the chip.

Other material removal for weight reduction not allowed.

Cost: Provided that we all have the chip, the cost is limited to purchase a group 5 car with average price around $90.

Race Format

Race Management: Full simulation using RCS64 including damage/repairs and false starts.

Fuel Tank Size: 700.

Initial Fuel Level: each driver can ask the race director to set a value before a session is started.

Race Format: In the spirit of Group 5, we will have different types of events. A "Blitz" event where we will have three races of different time length: Race 1 will be 25 minutes, Race 2 will be 20 minutes and Race 3 will be 15 minutes.

The other type of event will be an Endurance event with one single race of 1 hour.

The series will consist of 12 events: for every 3 Blitz events we will have an Endurance event. In total we will have 9 Blitz and 3 Endurance events.

Race Start Blitz: Race 1 will be according to Qualify. Race 2 will be reverse grid from finishing order of Race 1. Race 3 will be reverse grid from overall standing as they are at the beginning of the event.

Race Start Endurance: it will be according to Qualify.

Practice: 10 min Practice with one weather type. During practice cars can be taken out from the track near the driver's station without causing any crash with cars following the stopping car. It is the driver (who want to take his car out) responsibility to make sure not to cause any crash. Fail to do so will results in 0.5 second per incident added to the qualify time.

Qualify: 6 mini Qualify with two types of weather. Cars can only be taken out of the track either after a deslot (as long as the car is not put back on the track) or from the pitlane. Fuel level for the qualify will be used for the main race

Point Awarding

For each Blitz race the points will be awarding as follows: 20-15-12-10-8-6-4-3-2-1.

For the endurance race the point will be as follows: 40-30-24-20-16-12-8-6-4-2.

There is 1 bonus point for top qualifier, and 1 bonus point for fastest lap for each race.

Success Limited Throttle Profiles (SLTP)

We will use the SLTP applied to the top 3 drivers.

· Driver Profile First: this SLTP is capped at 58 when at full throttle.

· Driver Profile Second: this SLTP is capped at 60 when at full throttle.

· Driver Profile Third: this SLTP is capped at 62 when at full throttle.

All the other drivers will have standard profilers where the max value is 63 (remember that in RCS64 the max value for the throttle is 63).

Allocation of SLTP

Between events, the SLTPs are allocated according to championship positions and are carried in qualifying and Blitz race 1 or into the Endurance race.

For race Blitz 2 and 3, SLTO is allocated according to the finishing positions in race 1 and 2, respectively.

Here the pics of the cars that we will race.

G's Lancia Stratos:

Tire Vehicle Wheel Car Automotive design

Paul's Porsche 935/77

Tire Vehicle Car Hood Automotive design

Jan's Porsche 935/K2

Car Vehicle Hood Tire Automotive design

Colin's Lancia Beta

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Hood Automotive design

Mike's BMW 320

Tire Land vehicle Vehicle Car Hood


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Yesterday we have raced the last round of this series.

In terms of results on each event, it was one of the most exciting so far.

The cars were performing really close (we have deliberately avoid to have the usual top performers like the M1/Capri/Mustang), the pit strategy was often the key factor for a win, and the throttle profiles worked very well.

Here are the final results. My Lancia Stratos took the first place, followed by Colin's Lancia Beta and Mike's Bmw.

WIth some more rounds, Jan could have taken the third place from Mike. Pity for Paul, his porsche came around too late in the series.

Rectangle Font Parallel Slope Circle

Next series will be based on the 1/24 Mini.


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