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"Digital" magracing

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I am wanting to create a system for magracing ( mr ) that will be very similar to the digital slot car systems on the market. So I am asking just how can I accomplish this?

Controlling System:

PC or Arduino?
I am thinking pc. Much faster.
This is where I am overwhelmed. Been reading as much as I can about making programs. Hopefully I will get the much assistance form the great people here on this forum.

Track Set Up:
This seems fairly strait forward. IR's placed throughout the track ran into a Digital I/O Interface linked to a pc

So what do you think?

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Sorry forgot the reason for the system, I want to be able to have the other 15 car id's controlled with a pc . throttle, breaks, and lane changing.....
Try this link, it might save you from re-inventing the wheel .....
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I guess I'm confused. I thought mag racing was essentially a guided, lower functionality RC system. Isn't it already sort of a digital system (provided you use digital RC controllers I suppose).
Thanks but slots isn't what I am after. That's why I posted in the guided slotless...

Although Scorpius is what I want. But no slot......
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Yes. Magracing is RC based. 16 cars can be ran at the same time. They all run a channel based receiver. No hardware needed in the track to make the cars run. But the cars do have a IR mounted on the chip that transmits the car code.
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It might just work if you used an array of IR receivers stretching across the track or possibly some form of ??RFID sensor ......
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That is exactly what I am thinking too. Especially in the corners. More IR contact points the better. RFID? What is this. Doing a google search now... LOL

I also want to run MR cars like ghost cars.
I have 16 MR cars today, I have plenty of time, and the only thing that is missing is some creativ works.
Wes Rayner want give out the cards or the code for programming the Pics. Its a Atmel.

So for the moment I have a number off cars with RFID in the front of the cars running on a Carrera 124D.
The RFID is now working in that speed that means that I always now witch car is coming.

Thats the moment just now.

I also have som Oxigen things, but I put them asides for a while.
In fact Mauricio is open and helpful so that could be the right way.

I guess that my mainwork this autum will be the Carrera 124 D. Making a real Pit Stop also.
I am running Bruce Y program on a Win7 PC.

But I am interested in progress of this matter!
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Hello Lasp.... Do you mean that your MR cars are being recognized with Carrera 124D Control board?
Yes, I can get some numbers, but not all throu my Carrera 30352! Too the PC.
Thats way I wanted the protocoll from WR,
When I select RFID taggs I choice th last 2 or 3 numbers in the Id.
But its just testing. I want the carnumber in too the system, not the number by the controller.
For presentation resons I chose just the last digits.
The big advantage of MAGRacing over other systems is the cheapness of the track as it has no electrical component in its construction. This makes it cheap and easy. What we need is a cheap non powered system in the track and let the intelligent "Brain" in the car or base station do all the clever stuff.
Thinking out aloud here something like a bar code just before and after each bend would provide the car with information of what it is about to encounter. Unique bar codes could be used for sharp left, gentle right etc. similar to rally pace notes and the car brain programmed to change speed or direction. This way we could have self drive cars of different abilities for those of us who don't have many friends!
Clearly we don't want visible bar codes all over the track but RFID or something as used in non contact security cards might be suitable
You have some very interesting ideas. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with. Your blog link isn't working.
Thanks....Sorry Link working now.

By the way I noticed on the MAGRacing chassis that Wes sells there are two fixed additional magnets in the chassis either side of the guide magnet. Are these used for anything?

The Arduino and rf transmitters arrived today. They are tiny and will fit easily into a 1/32 car. Arduino is 34mm x 18mm and receiver is 30mm x 14mm.
My thoughts are to go for 2.4ghz devices as these have decoders and unique address codes.

My goal is to fit the workings in a 1/32 classic mini. Wheelbase is about 65mm width about 54mm. This should be possible, but I will have to fit the battery along the chassis.

It would be nice to have the mini USB socket positioned so I can reflash the car software without removing the body.

Are there any standard hand controllers with about 4 buttons on that are quite cheap? I would like to use an off the shelf item if possible.

Incidentally If you had a chassis with the correctly positioned LEDs and sensors it would be possible to design a car that could run and change lanes on a slotted track (well systems that don't use mechanical lane changing). You could clip on a slot guide and the software reflashed or toggled to mimic the particular track system you are running on.
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Magnets are to hold the guide straight for reverse. I have been looking and found Arduino copies much smaller and with a mini usb. Looking forward to seeing what you think up.

I like the idea of using a guide for slot tracks . Hadn't thought of that. Very cool.
You'd need the steering mechanism to also move the guide flag, but yeah, that could work. I wonder, though... why bother? One of the biggest reasons to go with MagRacing is the LACK of a slot. If you put the thing into a slot again, you're just running an RC car on a slot car track.
True. But if you have both like I do it would be cool.
Yes points are well made, but not everyone is into racing. Some people are more model car collectors scenery or scratch builders and don't really race against anyone much. To be honest this is where my interest is and why a slotless track appeals to me as it is more realistic.

I think it would be nice to build a car with a universal chassis. In any case a mag race car would be really uncompetitive against most conventional slot cars. I think it would be nice though to have your own car in your bag so you could try it out at any track you happened to walk by. Of course you would need a wireless handset, but this could be done quite easily if the wireless protocol matched that of our new system. but first things first I need to get a car moving under its own steam!

By the way if you have found any smaller arduino devices please post up links. There is a lot of projects popping up on kickstarter with all sorts of configurations. There is probably one out there with a built in 2.4ghz wireless tranceiver on board. Its just I haven't come across it yet! I'm still just learning all about the wireless stuff.

There is a mini "PC" board with onboard arduino quite cheap £50 ($80) which would make a great base station module. You could have keyboard mouse and large monitor all connected. It is linux based and is very small. There is a Wifi unit built in and this runs at 2.4ghz.

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