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Hi all,
I have been watching the developments with the new Kyosho dslots with interest as I think the Le Mans cars look great and the price is not too scary. I have been a fan of slot-its but the price makes them unrealistic for a modest wallet.

The one thing that got me back into slot cars was digital racing as I love the strategy of racing diffeent lines and having a pc monitor the fuel etc.. I find analogue racing a little too unrealistic as you have to ensure every slot is the same length and there is no real interaction with other cars, its more like a sprint event.

So I was a little disappointed when I found out the dslots were analogue only and not much chance to chip them due to lack of space. I was also surprised by the positive comments by the majority of members on here , not because ofthe quality or look of the cars, but considering they are only analogue.

Are theremore analogue racers than digital on here or is 1/43 dominated by non digital racers? I feel that I must be missing something
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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