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Hi all
A guy on here had some of these for sale and I mist them sent him a PM
if he had some more or could he tell me how he did them but no reply and has not been on forum.
So has any one done the crop on these or if they bought them,
could do with some help so I can do the same .
It looks easy to cut down and remove and replace the end in the rail no probs,
but how to refix the tongue securely all help on this will make a happy boy and finnish track.
regards ade.


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Yes, he did mention he did a chop job to cut the tabs and reattach them (remember the thread but cannot remember the title/owner). Maybe just cutting out the centre section and reattaching the end of the track with shortened rails would be tidier?

Just a suggestion.

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Hi ade, I remember that. It was djomp's Selby raceway. Here's a link to the post about cutting the pitlane ---> CLICKY. He had pulled together some very good ideas for that track. The Selby raceway thread is worth reading just for that.

It's a shame he isn't about and he really did offload a lot of gear cheaply. I dunno if he joined a club, went the routed path himself or just got bred of it all as he hasn't been on here for almost a couple of months.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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