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As it currently stands I can see no reason at all for me to switch to any sort of Digital setup. This does not mean I am a "Luddite" and think all things Digital should be banned, quiet the contary I love the concept and the technology involved, but I am a lone Home user , with infrequent races against maybe one other person. The concept of five or six real life racing partners is , alas, only a dream.

What would make me very interested would be a Digital setup where I could race against two or three "unmanned" cars, which had some form of AI so that they could change lanes to overtake etc, and provide me with some opposition. Challenger is OK, as a first step, but requires a lot more development before it becomes interesting.

I'm sure these model train chips could be fairly effective and automatic train control has been available for some time. I have to add here that my only involvment with Digital Train control was Hornby's Zero One system, which was both difficult to use and very expensive.

Is what I am suggesting feasible?, or is it a forlorn hope?.


1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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