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Digital Scalex BTCC - Car Specs

Car Preparation - If not specified below then IT IS NOT ALLOWED.

Brand: Scalextric

Type: Modern BTCC (2014 onwards)

Models: BMW 125 M, Honda Civic, MG 6, VW Passat.

Min Body Weight: 25 gr without screws; this include the body with details (e.g. side mirrors, wing etc), windows, and the interiors.

Min Total Weight: 80 gr.

Max downforce: motor downforce only.

Magnet location: No traction magnets.

Lights: Mandatory. It is advisable to have them always on.

Rear Tires/prep: 1207 P6 (19x10). MUST NOT BE GLUED on the rim. Can be trued. The tyres must be mounted with the wall where the markings ("1207 P6") are on the outside. The markings have to be visible at all the time even with the body on. TYRE MUST BE ABSOLUTELY DRY WHEN PUT ON THE TRACK. NO TREATMENT IS ALLOWED ON THE DAY OF THE RACE.

Front tires/prep: only stock tires allowed. May be glued, trued, coned and coated for zero friction. However front tyres must have a min 19 mm diameter. Cars with smaller front tyres will not score any points.

Power/fuel: standard RCS64 profile.

Guides: stock.

Braids: free as long as they mounted on the standard scalextric disk.

Wiring: Use of stock wires for power (green/yellow from pick-up and red/black for motor). It is allowed to move the motor FerriteMan on the side of the motor can. Light wires and connectors are free.

SSD Chip: DPR only Scalextric chips.

Ballast: no limit. It can be added anywhere in the chassis. No ballast should be visible on the outside of the car (either on the body or below chassis)

Chassis: stock. May be sanded for float. Max gap .5mm.

Screws: free screws, but must be taped over if loose to prevent loss into slot.

Gearing: stock

Motors: stock. It is allowed to apply hotglue on the side of the motor for stopping it from hopping

Pods: NA

Wheels: Stock

Axles/Spacers: NA

Body: The body must retains all the details of the box stock car. It can be lighten to reduce weight as long as the alternations are not visible from the outside

Interiors: standard interiors. It must retains all the details (driver/roll cage, wheel, etc.) from the stock box car. It could be lighten to reduce weight as long as alterations are not visible through the windows (e.g. no extra holes cut in the interior pan)

Cost: Provided that we all have the chip, the cost is limited to purchase a BTCC car that is around NZD $70.

Race Format

Race Management: Full simulation using RCS64 including damage/repairs and false starts. The Championship will consist of 10 events.

Damage points: all drivers have 5 damage points

Fuel Tank Size: 500

Initial Fuel Level: each driver can ask the race director to set a value before a session is started

Race Format: for each event there will be a qualify session of 6 minutes and 3 endurance races: Race 1 will be of 24 minutes with 4 weather patterns, Race 2 will be 20 minutes with 3 weather patterns, and 3 will be of 16 minutes with 2 weather patterns

Race Start: Race 1 will be according to Qualify. Race 2 will be according to the finishing order of Race 1. Race 3 will be reverse grid from Race2.

Tyres: For each race, each driver will have 1 sets of Hards, 1 sets of Softs, 1 sets of Inters

Practice: 10 min Practice with variable weather. During practice cars can be taken out from the track near the driver's station without causing any crash with cars following the stopping car. It is the driver (who want to take his car out) responsibility to make sure not to cause any crash. Fail to do so will results in 0.5 second per incident added to the qualify time.

Qualify: qualify is with variable weather. Cars can only be taken out of the track either after a deslot or from the pitlane.

Drivers can chose to race a different car for each event, but the same car must be used through a giving event including Qualify, Race 1, Race 2 and Race 3.

For a giving event, no cars with same livery&model will be allowed to race. In case two (or more) drivers decide for a giving event to enter cars with same livery&model, the driver with the highest points in the championship will have the first choice.

Point Awarding

For each race the points will be awarded according to the following: 20-17-15-13-11-10.

There is 1 bonus point for top qualifier, and 1 bonus point for fastest lap for each race.

Success Limited Throttle Profiles (SLTP)

  • Divers that are successful in the BTCC will have a dedicated limited throttle profile. These special profiles will be applied to the top 3 drivers.
  • Driver Profile First: this SLTP is capped at 58 when at full throttle.
  • Driver Profile Second: this SLTP is capped at 60 when at full throttle.
  • Driver Profile Third: this SLTP is capped at 62 when at full throttle.
  • All the other drivers will have standard profilers where the max value is 63 (remember that in RCS64 the max value for the throttle is 63).

Allocation of SLTP

  • Between events, the SLTPs are allocated according to championship positions and are carried in qualifying and race 1
  • For races 2 and 3, SLTO is allocated according to the finishing positions in race 1 and 2, respectively

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Brilliant stuff Gio, I like It!

Have you tried before these SLTP's ? To me it sounds like the difference is too small to notice the difference, but I might be wrong.

Look forward to the race reports ;)

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Hi Marcel,

no I have not tried them before. I will have to test them. I would have liked to be able to play with values between 0 and 100 instead of being limited to 64 values ;-)

If they do not make too much a difference I will increase the gap. However, we are all really close as skills nowadays.

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RS I didn't know that car was from 2014.It is the only car for which I have not read the description.

I thought that all the liveries were from 2015.

Being the coolest livery at the moment of all the releases, I will change the specs.

Although none of us is going to get one for racing.

Anyway, thanks for pointing it out.

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Good point Ade, but currently no one is using this firmware (even though it was coded here in Kiwilandia).

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I have tested so far the BMW and the MG and they go quite well.

The Young brothers are getting an honda each and we will have also a VW.

I really hope that we will have close and enjoyable racing with this set of rules.

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Today we had a first go at the BTCC. Just 3 of us could make it today. We had a Passat, a Civic, and a MG6 on the track.

Initially, Colin's Civic was not really a happy car which was a surprise to everyone. But after adding a bit of lead under the rear axle the car changed completely.

Another big but positive surprise was how good Mike D's Passat was lapping without much modifications from box standard. Mike still has to prep the front tyres, glue the motor and put P6 (he was running with C1).

We also tested the SLTPs with the reverse grid and short race (Race 3) and boy if it works!!!
I think we have a brilliant class here! Stay tuned for the first race next week.

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Yeah I know I have been waiting for Colin to put something online for ever now.

I have to do something about it.

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I like to recreate 1/32 versions of the regulations of the real series and they serve the same purpose: give everyone a shot to be in the lead of a race.
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