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Digital Set

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Hello everyone this is my first post. I don't own any scalextric at the moment, but I have got the digital complete set coming for christmas. I did think about buying the GT Interactive set and getting the digital conversion kit, but decided against it.

I wanted to find out when the Opel Astra V8 DTM & Mini Cooper 'S' cars are coming out, does anyone know?

Also what would be the most cost effective way to expand the track?

Any help would be much appreciated.
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My second posting.

Yes my set has been ordered and I decided that digital was the realistic race type and most cost effective way to start. More lane change types would be good.

I went scalextric as it can use the same track as my bro who went analogue.

I would like all corners to have an out-in then in-out. Plus out-in and in-out straights.

The only problem I have is that Australia is the last to get anything.

I feel that with the above lane swap combos one can make the most realistic track.

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