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I have built a lengthy 1/43 single track, analogue, routed, mountain rally stage and am quite happy with it so far.

My question is, considering a lap time of 20 to 25 seconds, and in pursuit of more realism, is there a way of making it digital to allow 2 individually controlled cars on the stage at any one time in a cost effective manner?

I ask this because I know that Carrera D143 is available and suitable to adapt for what I want to do, but has many features that I do not need.

Also, I use a variable power supply as, on my track, cars often perform much better at lower voltages, can this be done in digital?

Thoughts please.

Regards, Lloyd

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Funny you should ask that right now...

There is a system called AC2Car. Some information to see is at and such.

Also there might be a variant along similar lines, but when it goes to bloom and then fruit is not decided yet. But it would then be MCR-BiCar (probably 'cause of the amount bicarbonate taken during the process...).

But for your purpose AC2Car seem quite splendid. You need an AC PS and a bunch of rectifier diodes. The rest you already have at home. Actually the AC PS to, but might be hidden inside some other PS. But if you got a Scalextric Sport wall-pak, then you're set to go.

Good luck and please give us some inspiration! Pics and clips!

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