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@ Thibb

With your combination of a routed track and oxigen you have picked the near perfect combination to create a real racetrack
(a designated Oxigen LC for routed tracks would make it perfect, but that's still under development)
Apparently you have plenty of room so get inspiration of "real" circuits for corners and track sections.

On this track lay-out I would route 3 slots
1st I would concentrate on the slot that would be the ideal race line (which evidently would follow the ideal line and would meander along your track)
2nd To draw 2 passing lanes that would be running alongside the ideal line, but which would more or less parallel to the track limits. (for an example search youtube, Spa Francorchamps, scorpius, ideal line)

At certain points you could let these passing lanes converge on the ideal line (no need for an active LC), for example to bunch up the cars for a tight hairpin.
For placement of the LC's between the ideal and passing lanes you need to keep in mind that the car has to be able to pass the LC pick up perfectly straight.
Last but not least I would route some extra "feeders" to the passing lanes at strategic points along the track.
These would serve a dual purpose
1 You can use these feeders to re-enter the track after a de-slot
2 They're perfect places to station a pace (ghost) car, which I would use should more than 2 cars come of at the same time ( thus bunching up the field and keep the race interesting

Digital racing gives you an opportunity to think out of the box/slot and design "real" racetracks with very realistic racing.
No need to even the amount of left and right corners, no need for "even length" lanes, no need for "autobahn" wide track to accomodate 6 or more cars

Oh and last but not least...for a scale race track ....concerning scenery...less is more! Check some pictures of real tracks and see how empty they actually are
Every tree, house, grandstand that you add..compared to their size, optically your track will shrink ..even one as big as yours

with kind regards
Racing for Holland
21 - 21 of 21 Posts
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