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Digitising MR Slotcar McLaren F1 GTR?

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I'm a newby. I have a Scalextrix ARC Pro scratch layout.with a number of chipped Scalextric McLaren F1 GTR's. Also have three SLOT.IT Maccas ready to digitise. HOWEVER, I've a couple of MR Slotcar examples and cannot figure out how or if they can be digitised. Your collective wisdom please?
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Anything can be digitized, but maybe you're wanting plug and play, as opposed to braking out a soldering iron and installing the chip with some sticky tape? Check out the SSD Chipping database found linked in the Really Useful Threads post. There you will see examples of chip installations for cars that never had a plug and play way to install a chip... which is pretty much everything other than Scalextric. ;-)
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