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Hi,heres 3 different direct drive cars ive found. These are related to what Don just put up in the blog before this one,showing his custom direct drive car. The first is a early Ungar F1,the 2nd is an Eldon Go kart. They both use 3 1/2 volt Kako motors. The last is a mystery car. It looks like a Mercedes ,but has a Czechoslovakian Skoda emblem molded into the front,so perhaps its a Communist era car ?
Check out the motor and magnets. The car picked up the current from the metal wheel rims on a split metal track. Or at least it the only way i could see it working.
When the front wheels turn the driver moves from 1 side of the cockpit to the other ! I dont think anyone else made a direct drive car,but i could be wrong. Thanks,Bernard

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Hi Guys.
As always, we have to be careful as to what side of the multi scale , multi decipline, side of 'Slot racing' we are commenting on!
1.24, HO, BSCRA (and similar overseas all out racing), hard body modern 'model' car racing.
All very different!
In my world of modern modern H/B racing, and CSCRA retro/classic racing, close to 2-1 gear ratios are not uncommon. I know some of my younger clubmates at the quick, but by no means mega fast Wolverhampton SCC International track are starting to ask if it is within the club 'rules' to run direct gearing...the full on 1-1!
Probably way over the top ambitious, but these young guns might just pull it off!
Regards Bill

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Very interesting Bill... guess that really is a function of the modern equipment, and especially good magnets in all scales! In vintage racing, the higher numerical gear ratio, the better, in most cases, especially for our relatively small tracks (about 100 ft/30 m top).

You know Bernard, as soon as I saw your title, I started thinking of other direct drive cars, especially the Eldon, which I should have thought of right away. And that "Commie" car of yours is of course one of the great myster of slot car history... very fascinating!

Didn't one of the Italian smaller scale sets also use direct drive?

Montoya - any more details on that one? Probably the one I was thinking of, but when/where is it from?

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