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Direct drive cars

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Hi,heres 3 different direct drive cars ive found. These are related to what Don just put up in the blog before this one,showing his custom direct drive car. The first is a early Ungar F1,the 2nd is an Eldon Go kart. They both use 3 1/2 volt Kako motors. The last is a mystery car. It looks like a Mercedes ,but has a Czechoslovakian Skoda emblem molded into the front,so perhaps its a Communist era car ?
Check out the motor and magnets. The car picked up the current from the metal wheel rims on a split metal track. Or at least it the only way i could see it working.
When the front wheels turn the driver moves from 1 side of the cockpit to the other ! I dont think anyone else made a direct drive car,but i could be wrong. Thanks,Bernard
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1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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