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Disappearing posts - request from the mods.

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We seem to be having a problem with posts disappearing at random and then sometimes reappearing later. At least one has disappeared entirely.

Doug (Top Down) has reported one instance recently and this thread LINK seems to have an ongoing problem. Tech are looking at it but has anybody else noticed any posts disappearing?


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page #9 of Scalextric needs our help has been loosing and regaining posts from about 5pm to 8pm this evening.

proof things are going awry ,these posts are hours apart but the order they appear is incorrect these have been on and off all night....

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and now the entire thread has gone....
That happened to me too Ade but then I seen it.
I just notice one of Minardis came back guys so its a real mystery.

Not quite the same but I am still getting random notifications down. Some are about posts that are weeks old and in no particular order.
Its the Google curse.
About 6 weeks ago something similar happened... a whole series of posts disappeared for about three hours... then re-appeared... at the time I assumed it was related to some form of server re-boot. If it would help I could check back to see which forum thread it was and the timing/date?

just a case of the multi-verse realigning...
I'm seeing posts appear then disappear, plus threads arranging posts in the wrong time order then rearranging them correctly again. It's driving me nuts.

Here are a couple of the error messages I'm also seeing occasionally:

Azure Rectangle Purple Pink Violet

Rectangle Azure Violet Font Screenshot


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I am forwarding all these reports to VS for action and they are allegedly on the case.

Unfortunately this is an intermittent problem which makes it tricky to fix. It seems only to affect one or two threads at a time and then usually corrects itself so, by the time the techs look at each one the thread has returned to normal.
Not sure if this is related or not, but the images we have hosted on our server have now disappeared from our posts:

The only way I found to work around this issue was to upload the image (
- with the post, but it would take a lot of work to replace all images...
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This is an unrelated problem. Your pictures are hosted on an http site and the forum has switched to the more secure https url. Most browsers will now block images linked from http sites and you will find this an increasing problem anywhere your photos are linked to an https site. All http linked photos have disappeared from this site and many others, we are trying to find a solution but it may prove impossible.

Your best way forward is to obtain https certification for your site. Mr Google will find loads of comment and instructions for you.
Thank you for your quick reply, we'll try to find a solution on our end as well.
Carver's "North European Chase Cars" thread has disappeared this morning.....

Still there David. LINK
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