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Disappearing posts - request from the mods.

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We seem to be having a problem with posts disappearing at random and then sometimes reappearing later. At least one has disappeared entirely.

Doug (Top Down) has reported one instance recently and this thread LINK seems to have an ongoing problem. Tech are looking at it but has anybody else noticed any posts disappearing?


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That is strange Brian it isn't there when I go to scratchbuilding and Carver told me he couldn't see it either. From your link I only get the first two pages of the thread.

Yup, yesterdays posts with the wonderful rusty VW has gorn!
How many pages should there be?
I think it was just one more, it started with the two occupents and then the paint job on the VW. I asked him where the video was and he replied.

This is the notification I got this morning.


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The thread has not disappeared. It is on page 2 of the scratchbuilding forum. Posts 31 - 36 are not showing though which explains why it has slipped down from page 1. They may return of their own volition or they may not. This disappearing post syndrome is intermittent, virtually impossible to track down and is beyond my abilities to fix.
Just to confirm what Brian has indicated.
I have lost pm's and have received duplicate messages which had been sent 10 days prior to me only to receive them again.
These are strange things that are apparent hiccups in the current system. If you recall we had this issue once before when we changed to the previous system before this one.
Not something we have any direct control over as admins or mods . They usually do however reappear at some point .
I know nothing about this kind of stuff!

But making a new post from where I could see the missed page seemed to work. At least for the moment...

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Things seem to have disappeared back to the 21st September!! 'What vintage cars have you bought' in this case.

Are they still looking for the reason or do we just accept the quirk?

PS: Hmmm...just tried it with Firefox and it sees it but it is taking an age to load and that 'waiting for Google' message comes up. Vivaldi loads very quickly but doesn't see it - oh good grief. There seems no consistency between browsers.
I can see everything and Firefox loading instantly as usual.
As I've said before, this is the only site I have had this happen on and only since the change to Google. NO other site!

Presumably some interaction between my system and the forum software but different browsers behave differently so that may not be the case. Strange though.
It all works fine for me using Pale Moon, Chrome is a bit flaky though.

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