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· Gary Skipp
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In association with Rockingham Slot Car Club I am pleased to announce the UK's first 6 hour event for DiSCA W.E.C. specification slot cars.

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Teams of 3 or more drivers are invited to register.

The race will take place Sunday 12th November 2017.

The weekend is a double-header format with the DiSCA GT3 Euroseries event taking place on Saturday 11th November.

On Friday 10th November the club will open for visiting teams to set-up, submit cars for technical inspection, get firmware updates and partake in free practice using W.E.C. cars. The opportunity to participate in Rockingham Slot Car Club's regular Friday club night will also be given.

A full schedule for the weekend is given in the sporting regulations.




Drinks and snacks are available from the club kitchen. There are several take-away food outlets, eateries and supermarkets in the nearby area.

The club has recently been extended to host the BSCRA Nationals circuit, on top of which the 6h circuit will be built.


The circuit will be thematically representative of the Spa-Francorchamps circuit in Belgium. Corner construction and decoration will be based on the Spa circuit wherever possible, although necessary compromises will be made in order that the circuit is accommodated within the layout of the figure-8 BRSCA track.

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Cars may be entered in either of the following three categories;
LM P1 (2009 - 2017) Le Mans & FIA W.E.C.
LM P2 (2009 - 2017) Le Mans, FIA W.E.C. IMSA, ELMS, Asian Le Mans Series
LM GT (2011 - 2017) Le Mans, FIA W.E.C. IMSA GTLM, IMSA GTD, ELMS, Asian Le Mans Series

Cars must have a plastic chassis
Control motor ( Flat 6 or V12/4 23000rpm) supplied
Control tyres supplied
A permanent light kit is required

The technical regulations in full are attached to this post. Please check periodically that you have the latest version.

Winner of each category
Podium for each category
Best presented car (concours d'elegance)

To register a team please complete the online form: CLICK HERE

You must specify the car and category you wish to enter at the time of registration.

You must also reference the 1:1 car that your entry is modelled on in order to avoid duplicate paint schemes. The website will be used as the official source of reference. Paint schemes will be allocated on a first-come-first-serve basis. All form submissions are time stamped.

The registration fee is £90.00 to be payed in full by 1st October 2017..
A deposit of £30.00 is required with registration.

Payment via PayPal, bank transfer, personal cheque. Registration will not be considered official until a deposit has been received.

The first 12 teams to register will be entered into the race.

Any additional teams that register after the 12 places are taken will be added to a reserve list (maximum of 4). In the event that a registered team defaults, the first reserve will take their place. If a registered team does not process payment in full by 1st October, the first reserve will be invited to take their place. Non-competing reserve teams will have deposits refunded in full one week before the race.

Each team will receive an official sticker kit for their car which must be applied as per the regulations.

Final instructions, including provisional entry list, level of race firmware for chip and controller, and any travel considerations will be issued to team captains 10 days before the race.

Further information:

Please post any queries here on the forum, via PM, or via email at [email protected]

You can also reach us via social media;
CLICK HERE for Facebook
CLICK HERE for twitter, or tweet @officialdisca
Visit our website

CLICK HERE for GT3 Euroseries information (Saturday race)

Attached below are the technical regulations in full and the sporting regulations for the event.

Good luck to all!


· Gary Skipp
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Hi Marcel

The track will sit on top of the BSCRA track so it will follow the profile of that circuit. It was actually a big challenge to fit any sort of layout on this circuit because of the lack of 'real straights' and the shallow angle of the only good one! The idea for Spa only really came about because the kink that forms Eau Rouge was 100% necessary to create a track of any sort. Once I did I began to see a few other similarities with the Spa circuit and proposed the theme to the Rockingham Club. It was enthusiastically received and I am told there is already a small team working on pine trees and decoration :)

If anyone is familar with the DAVIC circuit at SRC Le Mans they will know it is nothing like Le Mans, but at the same time, it is. While I would personally prefer to race on accurate circuits for DiSCA events I believe it is sensible to make some compromises so that we can support the clubs that in turn support our ambition.

· Gary Skipp
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Thanks to all for an enthusiastic response. More than half of the grid slots being filled within 24 hours of the announcement. From the cars entered so far, it looks like several of the regular W.E.C. teams will be looking to get some early testing in for the 2018 season!

· Matt Tucker
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The key ingredient is in place - Spa themed tyre barriers, what more do you need! Well we need trees, I have delegated that out to a number of team members, not seen any results yet other than one 6ft Christmas tree.

We have completed the space, there will be lots of room. The drivers rostrum will happily give 12 spaces all with clear views of the track, and plenty of pit space and room to mingle.

In terms of entries we will have 3 in the Saturday GT3 event and two in the Sunday 6hr WEC event. For Sunday one team will be running a P1 LMP Toyota TS030 and the other a P2 Acura.

I know the Hopeful Six have at least 1 entry, and are planning on running a 2016 or 2017 LMP P2, 3D printed body and chassis - a work in progress.

· Gary Skipp
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Ok folks, here's the entry list for the 6 hours. Unfortunately not much more interest after the initial sign-up so we're looking at 7 cars for Sunday's race;

2. LM P1 LowLands Racing LOLA ASTON MARTIN

Tom Van Leekwyck / Ward Somers / Lennard Maan

4. LM P1 Hopeful Six LIGIER JS P2
Andrew Sawyer / Steve White / Richard Hill

5. LM P1 Rockingham TOYOTA TS-030
Matthew Tucker / Adam Le Maistre / Keith Fishenden

Nick Wade / Martin Thorpe / João Pedro Ferreira

8. LM P2 Exiles ACURA HPD-ARX 01
John Underwood / Jonathan White / William Strachan

13. LM GT North Staffs SRT VIPER
John Bailey / Mark Wain / Gareth Jones

17. LM GT DiSCA Proton Racing PORSCHE 991 RSR
Gary Skipp / Alex Jones / Tamar Nelwan

As mentioned in the GT3 thread, final instructions for both events will be sent out this evening and firmware for hand controllers and dongle will be the latest 2.30 release.

Less than two weeks to go!

· Premium Member
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Got a question,

I've seen in the final instructions, that the track is closed on friday at 19.00
And from that point on it's a normal clubrace evening (woorden 4 lane).

If possible, can we join in on this race aswell? Just for fun.
If my other travel compagnions don't mind, and if no other plans have been made.

If this is all possible, what class will be raced?

Kind Regards Tom
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