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I was in Harrods the other week and in the F1 tat section I they had a
Ferrari model in a display case on the wall. Nothing special - however the
case was !

The case itself resembled a frame more than a traditional case , the car itself was
placed into the case flat so you was looking at it top down.
HOWEVER - there was angled mirrors on all four sides meaning when you looked
at it you could see the car from every angle - it was superb.

Now the case + car was £80 , but you guessed it I am only interested in the
case - does anyone know where you can buy these from ?


Simon Moss (Undisputed #1 Racer Fan)
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I recently had a top quality wall mounted cabinet made from Picture Pride. They also do table top cabinet's. They do made to measure, and I think they do mirrored backs, but not too sure about angled mirrors. Give them a call on 0121 544 4946

Web Site:

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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