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DIY 1/24 Tamiya Lola T70 magracer

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While experimenting with my multi-channel 2.4 Ghz slot cars, I was thinking "why not use the same chassis for a 1/24 magracer?".

The 1/32 RC chassis only requires that the rear radius suspension arms be lengthened by an inch or so. The OEM wheels and foam tires, being basically 1/24 in size, easily fit within the 1966 NOS Tamiya Lola T70 body.

Now to build a magracer version of Riverside Raceway, circa 65-66. ;-)
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Now to build a magracer version of Riverside Raceway, circa 65-66. ;-)
Do you want to build a portable track or one permanently located in one place? Inside or outside? About how long and how wide? I have a lot of experience building magracing tracks and willing to share my experience.
Howdy Ned:

I think I have read your posts here and on the magracing forum I have recently joined.

For simplicity I may attempt to start with a 2 lane magracing dragstrip with return lanes (basically two very narrow ovals of 1' radii with 60' long straights).

I have access to a large smooth concrete pad exposed to the elements to which I can secure the two piano guide wire loops.

As far as a portable magracing track, that is definetly something to consider. I have brainstormed an idea for a portable track of sufficent size using a few 4x8 pink Foamular EPS sheets covered by a thin polystyrene sheet for a road surface. The 2.4 Ghz RC components and cars now available could even allow a magracing road course to be built for 1/43 RC and 1/64 scale RC pocket racers.

Let's definitely keep in touch.
I failed to mention that the total basic build materials cost including the RTR 2.4 Ghz chassis, NOS body, and upgraded 1000 mah LiPo is $16 US, with all bits purchased at current retail prices, or in 1965 prices $2.00, if such technology had been available.
Here is the outside concrete pad to which I have been granted unrestricted access.

The possibilities appear to be unlimited for a slot/guided slotless racing course. Sky Water Plant Wood Tree


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1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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