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I tried posting this in Tracks & Scenery, and it's still cross-posted there, but that didn't seem to garner any response. So, perhaps it's a culture topic.

This past weekend I helped the two local groups and worked a slotcar show - setting up a wonderful demo auto cross track and then manning the track and supervising people as they tried out the track or the track and a new car they had just purchased.

This is the first such slotcar show that I've attended. One thing struck me - there were as many or more young girls at the show as boys. The girls were at least as enthusiastic about racing than the boys, if not more so.

One young woman, about 13 or 14 I'd guess, had just bought a Capri GT (SCX I think) and wanted to try it out on the auto cross track. We had a simple timer set up and after a few minutes of practice she ran three laps for time. She ran three laps in 26.2 seconds. She was one second faster than anyone else in the time I was there. And she was so happy and pleased with the car and the racing.

One father was there with his two daughters and they were all keenly interested and competitive with each other in a great sort of family way. Could dad beat the time his daughters had set in the auto cross? Yes! Now, could the daughters come back to best him. Yes!

All of this is a roundabout way of getting to the subject of clubs and recruting new members. Does your local club have any female members? Does it have a significant number of women members? Do you have any particular outreach to kids... like a youth division?

The two clubs here are made up of men, almost all in their late 40s to early 60s. Not much new blood seems to be entering. I get the sense, so far, that club events are "old boy" events. Yet, these men often first got the bug in their pre-teen or teen years. And if they don't foster interest in young people, in the not too distant future all of their race buddies will start dying. Is there an untapped and new membership coming along among women?

Interested to hear your thoughts on this.

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