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My wife was an avid slot racer back in the mid-70's. Before we were even married. She was good at it. In fact, she was very good at it. She was also an excellent marshall. She gave it up when it got too serious, and while questioning the whole thing, some clown had the nerve to yell at her while she was marshalling his car. After telling him, in rather colourful language and great detail, just exactly where his car could be put and in what orientation it should be inserted, she hung up her controller forever and has never driven a car seriously since. Well, okay, she drove my 1:1 race car rather seriously, but never a slot car since then!

Females? As good at it as any guy, given comparable exposure . It is just that they don't usually get the exposure and opportunity. When they do.... watch out... you may get yer arse kicked!
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