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Do you guys want a 1/24th scale area?

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Do people want scales other than 1/32 represented ?
Yes - 1/24th please, I will help it grow428.57%
Yes - Other scales too and we will help them grow (name the scale you want)00.00%
No - I feel that concentrating on 1/32 helps the board focus and keep up to date.1071.43%
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Up till now, SlotForum has concentrated soley on 1/32 scale slot stuff as 1/24th (and other scales) is beyond both our experience and we thought we would have trouble supplying enough to keep you interested.
IF enough of you want a 1/24th (or other scale) dedicated area we can simply put one in, but be aware that for it to be interesting we would need help filling it.

Vote carefully! I personally feel that concentrating on the area we both know at least something about, has helped make SlotForum as successful as it is.

There is definately something to the saying

QUOTE Jack of all trades - master of none
I would like to see a 1:24 scale area. Carrera make 1:24 cars. many clubs run them and they are popular in mainland Europe. Many of these are realistic models and hopefully, can be included.

I accept that it will never be as popular as 1:32 but by covering all areas, we can increase promotion of our hobby.

I am also planning on entering the next Tottenham Retro race meeting.


I would have NO objections to the addition of any other scales, none at all.
But I personally couldn't add a lot of info to them - not yet anyway.
But that is not to say that there aren't plenty of other fine people who perhaps could!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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