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having read these posts, iv tryed to tye down the car i could call "my first scratch car" in the mid 50,s my farther and i messed about with free running cars, a hand held power pack, i think 6 volts, with wires leading to the car and an on-off switch, we would trot along behind the things thinking we where haveing fun!! i think, could be wrong, the motors where "mighty atoms? we set about bulding a "remote controlled track" this had 2 lanes , vertical brass walls 1/2 inch high in an small oval the centre "wall " being the common return. the cars had antenna to pick up power from these walls fed by ex-wd voltage regulators, the inside car always won, could never work out why?. the bodies came from plastic toy cars with no common scale. thinking back to how many merit kits we scaped, if we did that today they would through a net over us and drag us away. my farther passed away during the rail period, i wonder what he would make of todays "little cars" mac p
1 - 2 of 27 Posts
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