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Having taken delivery of a third gen Fly Dodge Viper I discovered on first use that one of the rear wheels is severely bent and also split where it joins the axle.

Does anyone have a pair of wheels (don't need tyres) I can purchase off them, as I know lots of people put metal wheels on them but for the class I want to race in at our club we must keep the original wheels.

If not anyone know of a fix for the bent wheel,

Will pay with PayPal



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You can try bending it back and sliding the correct diameter stryrene tubing over the shaft with araldite around the axleshaft, but if it's badly bent then the wheel's a gonner. You can buy tubing from a good modelling store, or try antics online.

Those hubs are difficult to buy these days, so you may have to either return the duff car for a replacement, or buy another. Sometimes Ebay has the 3rd Gen cars going cheap.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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