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I still buy new cars (around 70% of my purchases), alongside some second-hand ones. I just don't buy as many as I used to a couple of years ago. Having kids will tend to do that to any hobby!

After a couple of months out of the market - I'll have the budget for two or three cars next month. I'm waiting for a number of new releases to finally emerge before I splash the cash.

As I don't currently have the room to set up a track, my cars tend to be shelf queens. A situation which should change in the next 12 months when I take over the loft. Until then I can't really review a car other than on its aesthetics!

There are plenty of people still buying new cars, look here and often members will give handy bits of info on the cars they've bought. I often find it's helpful to see some different photos of cars other than the ones the online retailers provide, particularly if - like me - you do all your slot shopping online.

I agree with a earlier post, however, that everyone has the means to post a review on this site. I don't tend to as, to be honest, I don't really know enough about performance etc to write a meaningful, detailed review. I tend to just say 'Look at what I've just got - isn't it pretty. Goes pretty well too!' (Unless it's a Fly, then it probably didn't go at all!)
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