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It's possible that the forum is merely suffering a bit of cyclic lag. Folks come. Folks go. Some are 'chattier' than others. People go through ups and downs in their lives which make it easy to spend time on a hobby, or not so easy to spend money. I'm in a lots of time but no money swing a the moment, the next change might take things the other way.

There's also the seasonal cycles to take into account. You lads up north are just coming out of the cold months and into the warmer ones. So, in many instances the outdoor activities take over from the indoor ones. It happens with each change of the seasons. The ebb and flow of forum posts continues.

Then there's also the question of whether or not one finds the current crop of new releases of interest. Even if I had the money available, I'm not finding a whole lot of temptation in what's currently on offer. In fact, I actually have a free car owing to me, and can't find anything I find worthy of the 'spend'. I don't have club racing commitments, so I don't have the need to buy cars to match to all the classes currently running or to replace cars that have died.

The last car I purchased was the Ninco E-type. Prior to that I think it was a cluster of 3 rally cars in order to source a suitable entrant for a proxy which started last October.
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