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Over the last 2.5 years I've probably purchased around 80 cars, with 60/80 being new. I decided after seeing what was on offer from some of the suppliers this year that I'd only get a couple of cars this year and they will probably be released later this year. I did get one this year already and that was an NSR Mosler in the Gulf livery, and only because I have read plenty of good things about these cars. My attention now has turned to having a crack at scratch building so I now spend my money on brass,motors etc and spend more time building than buying. I'd love to get every car that I liked/wanted but decided that I really don't NEED too many more cars and will only get cars now that are in my opinion 'worth it'. At the moment I'm more than happy to plod along having a go at another side of the hobby than buying new slotcars but in time this will change and my interest will once again return to looking at a few of the new cars.

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