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I pretty much concur with Ember's comments above. I'm not one of the "chattier" (to quote Ember) members, I usually only post queries TBH. However, I have bought or been gifted 50-odd cars in the last year and there is at least one picture of each somewhere on the forum. Since the beginning of this year I've sold-off most of my race cars and am now concentrating on rally cars - in line with my 1:1 preference.

Recently, my purchasing has slowed to a trickle. I have a fairly rigid collecting regime and most of the cars left that I'd like to add to my collection seem to have never been made as 1:32 slots. I don't have multiple liveries on the same model. My wish list of available cars is now down to about 14 rally cars. That will give me a total of nearly 50, plus 6 race cars which are in storage. My birthday is coming up and I've been promised at least 4 cars off the list........

Other spending has to take priority now - like my 1:1 car that has been neglected since I went mad for slots. ........And, anyway, 50-odd rally cars should keep me amused for a while.

I suppose it would be a good idea if members posted their thoughts/findings on their purchases as it could help others avoid making costly buying errors. Having said that, I'm probably a little less "it has to be spot-on straight from the box" now that I have a little more experience. Having to "tweek" a car to make it acceptable (to me) is now part of the hobby, although it can be a tiresome part.

As always, just my 2p.
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