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What do you mean by "new", Screwneck? Plenty of people are buying and there's plenty of fresh evidence in the "bought by members" thread. However, if you want opinions, here is mine concisely, based on cars I've bought new over the last year, with a few illustrations thrown in: - fast and competent performers but dull, with little variety. Massively over-rated, especially the paint and body finish, the quality of which has now fallen behind many other manufacturers. If a lap record is your holy grail or only measure of quality, will suit you just fine.

High quality finish? I don't think so. Nissan R390 GT1
Car Automotive lighting Hood Motor vehicle Green

Carrera - good value, consistently well finished, provide hours of great racing when raced like with like, but won't break lap records. Nor will they break down; mine have proved to be some of the most resilient and tough slot cars I own. I was, though, disappointed with Carrera's Corvette C6R, the ride height of which is far too high at the front, with no simple way to rectify it.

Ugly front ride height. Carrera Chevrolet Corvette C6R
Wheel Tire Vehicle Car Automotive tire

Scalextric - well finished, consistent performers that are reliable, but horribly magnet dependent. Expensive. Of all the new cars I've bought, Scalextric has had the highest incidence of out of round wheels. When they get it right, Scalextric produce gems.

Smooth, beautiful to look at, but hopeless without a magnet. Scalextric Mercedes GP Petronas MGP W01
Tire Wheel Car Automotive tire Vehicle

Flyslot - lurches along producing flawed but pretty models. None of my recent purchases has worked well straight out of the box, but all are worth persevering with.

Add a few shims to stop the rear wheels fouling the chassis, and this thing flies. Flyslot Porsche 917K
Car Tire Vehicle Wheel Automotive design

Ninco - I've not bought anything released recently, but I've bought several new old stock cars. Ninco Pro-shock cars are close to the top of my list of fun cars to race. Superb straight from the box. It's such a shame that prices are so high.

If racing these doesn't make you smile, slot cars are not for you. Ninco Porsche 911 SC
Car Land vehicle Tire Vehicle Wheel

SCX - The cheap Nascars that flooded the market were bargain of the year, and SCX continue to beat Scalextric when it comes to getting liveries right. I've no idea how much Scalextric saved by not buying a licence to reproduce Le Mans decals, but it cost them my custom. SCX quality is a bit hit and miss, but the performance of the most recent models is excellent. Remove the magnet and away you go, nothing else required.

Le Mans decals. A small detail, but one that means I won't buy Scalextric cars without them. SCX Audi R10
Tire Wheel Toy Vehicle Automotive tire

Revell/Monogram - Where else can you buy the range of cars produced by RevMon? Raced like with like, these are bags of fun and most need little or no work except to remove the magnet. They do have several problems though: the Lotus Cortina struggles for ground clearance if the magnet is left in situ, and the Lola T70 has as crown wheel the same diameter as the rear tyre, which is utterly stupid.

Small in stature, large in fun. Revell NSU 1300TT
Tire Wheel Car Vehicle Motor vehicle

Ground clearance? None that I can see. Revell Lotus Cortina.
Wheel Tire Vehicle Car Motor vehicle

More ground clearance? None here either. Revell Lola T70.
Automotive lighting Material property Cable Audio equipment Electronic device

Pioneer - production issues mean nothing much is hitting the market, unless you count the never ending "J" code "F" code ultra ultra ultra mega rare collectors-aren't-totally-stupid Inaslot specials regularly cluttering eBay...

Avant Slot - pricey, but for me the discovery of the year. Excellent paint and decal finish, performance is great and an easy match for, but the positioning of the driver figures still has some way to go to make them look realistic.

"Look Mum, I'm sitting on a booster cushion." Avant Slot Mirage GR8.
Wheel Car Tire Vehicle Automotive design

NSR, Racer and other boutique brands hold no interest for me, so someone else will have to describe those.


· David H
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QUOTE (martini917k @ 29 Apr 2012, 16:20) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Dopamine- massively overrated....?
Really? They've only set the standard for what a slot car should be today.
All I can say to that is that I'm thankful that few others have followed's standard, otherwise we'd have a plethora of cars with wings stuck on crooked, ill fitting glass, a constant race to see how low they can get their cars to increase magnetic effect (from engine and/or magnet), and nothing with a centre of gravity higher than those found on sports cars. If and when turn their hand to producing a saloon car with a realistic ride height and corresponding roll centre, and if that car then slaughters the opposition, maybe I'll change my opinion, but until then I still say they're hugely overrated when viewed as a whole i.e., not just performance, but variety, finish, cost and the very hard to define "I want one" appeal.

I won't post here photographs of all of my Slot.its that have come to me new with flaws, because don't make bad cars and to concentrate solely on flaws would be harsh ( make great cars, but so do many other makers), but viewed dispassionately alongside hundreds of models made by a variety of manufacturers, don't stand out as anything exceptional. How many people really care whether the winner of a race laps in ten seconds or twelve? For most, it's the winning that counts, not the speed at which it is done, so take out the speed aspect of's products (my initial review did say that they are "fast and competent performers... If a lap record is your holy grail or only measure of quality, will suit you just fine") and is what's left really that much better than other manufacturer's cars? Nope, not in my experience, based on owning and racing 21 cars from a total stable in excess of 800.
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