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QUOTE (Screwneck @ 27 Apr 2012, 19:58) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>It suddenly struck me that this 1/32 slotcar forum has been treading old water for months. Nobody talks about what they've bought, or how new cars perform, or what advice can be given to help people who have suffered the marketing jargon 'kiss' of promised perfection and have spent a bomb buying a small plastic pile of junk.

So, just what's happened to the old spirit of celebrating new buys in the slotcar world?

If nobody is buying anything new and can't be bothered to share anything through discussing and debating from experience linked to something fresh and new, then surely this means that slotcar racing has hit a brick wall?

Berate me if you like, but where's the fresh air and room for championing and criticising new technologies and good and bad experiences?

I am going to disagree in a constructive way with the OP. There is plenty of discussion around new technology and I have a feeling slot racing is going to have a digital revolution pretty soon. BUT it's the track and control technology that is evolving right now and not so much the cars.

Here's an example. I happened across a guy who is about to start a new slot car club very close to me. He is not on SlotForum and he is coming from a trains background. He asked me about track, controllers and control technology. He didn't mention cars! Coincidence? Maybe not.

Don't write off slot racing just yet!

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Hi guys,

I still buy new cars but I have recently made a decision (that when I do buy new) to stick to Scalextric or SCX(hopefully they will still carry on) as these brands hardly ever require mods to run decently on my classic track.

My experience with other brands like Auto Art,Carrera and Revell has led me to this decision.
Fly,Slot-it and Ninco are OK but in SA are expensive.
I recently bought two Scalex impact resistant Audi's.Real good value.OK they don't have all the detail and no driver or lights but man they really perform well.Beter than my FLY cars which are basically double the price.
I have my eye on the Scaley Jim Clark Lotus so when my wife is not counting the beans....
Scalex rules.
Best regards

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H'mmmm . . . . here's my two pennoth.

I prefer to buy a load of old junk for pennies at swap meets and build all my own cars.

Its a great stress buster, I get the car how I want it, I get the satisfaction of having built it myself, its a genuine one of a kind and sometimes they are faster.

I could buy new cars but, so can everyone else and there's little or nothing that you can do to modify them. Besides which many new cars are hideously expensive

That isn't the stress buster that I am looking for.

What ever floats your boat.

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I'm also a buyer for club racing, new cars within this year are.... MSC Subaru, NSR Audi R18, SCX Barracuda, Pioneer Mustang & Scalextric Camaro for pony wars event, and finally Spirit Peugeot loads of spares.

awaiting Sideways capri.....hurry up!


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I'm another one that doesn't have much spare cash to splash on cars right now, so I tend to be very selective. I also set hard limits while browsing on Ebay, as it is too easy to get drawn into a bidding war. There'll always be another one along again. I am also eagerly awaiting that Sideways Capri, and have the Scaley RallyCross set on order. Sometimes my choices are limited by my track; my one purchase has gone all of 1.5' on my Classic track before I put it back in the box. I'm sure I'll find somewhere to run it eventually, but for now it is an unintended shelf queen.

My focus tends to be on rally cars as they are fun to just blast around the track with even on your own. While I'd love to attend a club and race with likeminded individuals, there's nothing nearby enough to be viable. There was, until a couple of months ago, but it was such a closely guarded secret that I only found out about it a month before it had to close down. Just my luck
I am trying to set a club up here in town, and I am starting to find interested people, but venues are proving hard to find. I'm sure that's a familiar story.

Of my older cars, I have to say I love my mid-90s Nincos. An old Celica GT4, and the Merc and Alfa saloon cars. They're so chuckable. Absolutely hopeless for racing, but they are undisputed drift champions. More recently, I adore the Revell Cobra Daytona Coupe. It's not that quick, it has practically no brakes, but it's lovely just to sit and watch it turning lap after lap after lap.

I'm also inclined to agree with the idea of a digital revolution on the horizon. Having finally tried it after being a dyed in the wool analogue-a-holic, I have to say it is the way of the future. But it has come at a bad time. The current economic climate means many of us simply can't afford to invest in it at this time. But there are such exciting developments in this field that when the global economy finally turns around and starts to head in the right direction, the systems will be solid and mature enough that people buying into them won't be having to deal with much in the way of bugs and failures. The time being spent now getting this stuff right will, hopefully, pay dividends in the future. If I win the lottery tonight, I'm leasing a warehouse and filling it with Oxigen powered tracks and you're all invited to come and play. Until then, you can find me polishing my outrageously extensive collection of Subaru slot cars.

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I do when there is something I want, usually for club racing as less available funds to get cars just because I like them nowadays.

Scalextric: Don't really interest me as the club only runs Scaley stock JGTC, and nowt new there for a while now ..
SCX: not bad, Nascars are pretty nice with some light fettling (retaining stock parts) as we run them at the club, I have a few rally cars for home use as they produced some cars I liked.
Autoart: bought in the past, cars now sit as stationary scenery on my home track !
Ninco: used to love them, but prices have risen and quality has gone down so don't bother too much now. Lightning versions way to expensive for the substandard running gear IMO.
MSC: decent cars with some replacement running gear, but pricey considering the previous statement !
Avant Slot: nice looking and lightweight, IMO let down by overly stiff universal type chassis.
Racer Sideways: good but don't like the current car types, the Capri is going to be a certain purchase though

NSR: IMO pricey and performance not as good as the hype, decent enough but not worth the outlay.
Slot.It: One of my favourites, great VFM and competative, but limited classes.
Scaleauto: Another fav of mine, great performering chassis, lightweight bodies and very upgradeable.
Carrera: well prices are nice, as are the looks, would buy some for home track use when I have some spare cash, but not competative enough with other brands non mag for me.
Team slot: appalling quality, wouldn't bother again unless very heavily discounted.
Pioneer: reasonable runners, nice lookers, awaiting new models !

On the German Freeslotter forum someone asked why he could still get new SlotIt cars months after their initial release when a few years ago the new SlotIt cars where almost sold out on pre-order. One of the replies came from a huge german reseller, Umphi, I quote:

"Der Slotmarkt schrumpft zurzeit.
Teilweise sogar ganz dramatisch.
Die Hersteller klagen über enorme Umsatzeinbußen.

Das schnelle Geld regiert den Slotmarkt.
Hast Du als Händler eine gut gefüllte Kasse, kannst Du teilweise riesige Sonderposten zu enorm günstigen Preisen bekommen.

Seit 2 Jahren sieht man einen Händler nach dem anderen dicht machen.
Vor allen die kleinen Händler erwischt es. Die großen dagegen werden immer größer

For those with little knowledge of the German language he states that the market is shrinking, partly dramatically. The producers are complaining about lower turnovers, they are getting fewer orders. When one has the money one can buy big piles of cars for low prices from shops that are quitting their business. In the last two years many resellers closed their shop, mainly the small ones. On the other hand the big ones are getting bigger.

I know he is speaking the truth since he has been "dumping" Ninco ProRace cars for 30 euro, Ninco Xlot for 40 euro and is currently selling the Sloting Plus Reynard for an unbelievable 24,95 Euro (about 20 GBP) which is half the price I paid
I decided to not buy cars at a premium price anymore when they are initially released but I will wait one or two years when the same car is offered as a bargain. This way I will save myself about 20 euro per car

In the Netherlands it is the same. I know a few resellers, both with webshop and a brick and mortar shop, and they all complain about the low sales.

Now in my opinion the racers are still there but they, like me, only buy a new car when one is needed because the current club car is broken beyond repair. Also the sales of parts is still going relatively well. I have read somewhere that Jules of Pioneer stated that about 70% of sales is from collectors. So I come to the conclusion that it is the collectors who stop buying, probably because of the crisis.

So in a few year when the economy will boost again these collectors will catch up with the cars they didn't buy when they first came out. Amongst the car that come on the market now could be a few collectors items so I you are able to invest a bit and buy cheap you could make a nice profit then
regretfully I don't have the money myself.

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The slot car market is a victim of it's own success. The companies that produce cars have blindly spewed out car after car, repeating liveries, models and often attempting to 'replace' the cars collectors hold in regard... in doing so they risked removing the value of those cars, and when you remove the value of the very collectibles your hobby depends on you can expect collectors / speculators to be wary of future purchases.

Slot cars are not alone in these errors of competition where you hold no regard for the other companies efforts, no time taken to make sure you don't look foolish to the consumer, here's an example that got me thinking... this months "Motor Trend" and "Car and Driver" have the same cover, same car, looks like same photo... did anyone bother to look?!
Point is SCX releases a car, one month later Scalextric releases same car, same livery... two months later the reverse. Six months later Slot.It does the car, 6 months later NSR releases it... and all of them were copies of a Fly car from 2003!

Did anyone not learn anything from the video game crash in the 70's?

When a person buys a slot car much of the appeal is the fact it's a very shiny, pretty object that is pleasing to own, to race, to display, if you keep polluting the market with endless clones and shameless re-releases the shine wears off quick, and when the proud owner sees his car being sold on discount for 25% of what he paid, it hurts, and when it hurts you remember that the next time buying comes to mind.

Lastly, one example from a company that has had it's troubles recently, SCX. On SCX Worldwide they used to offer a special "Club" car each year to those who were fans of the site and posted and/or visited the forums. This was a chance to own something for being a fan... yet nearly every year the 'fans' put down sometimes as much as $70.00 (SCX Slot.It Award Car) only to see them sold by others 6-8 months later for a fraction of the cost. Is there anyone out there who buys a car as a special fan site item and doesn't get annoyed when they see others who never heard of SCX Worldwide get them for 25% of what you paid?
Yeah, it was months later... but it still hurt, and when they offered the car next year, I'm sure many passed.

My advice beyond what you might glean from above is this... start making cars you and your country can be proud of selling. Avant Slot moved it's production back to Spain, this should be supported with consideration on buying. NSR and Slot.It, Racer built success upon a product that came with pride and the countries name proudly on the lid. Cheap production is just that, cheap, it fools no one, except the guy who thinks is he saving money by using it.

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Personally, I've reached saturation point on car buying. I might pick up a group c and like the look of the Ninco 037, so possible purchases soon.

I've got everything I need for club and series racing, and more than enough for my home digital track, so buying has slowed to almost a stop.

I race with two very different groups of people, died-in-the-wool club racers who have been around the scene a long time, and a bunch of lads re-acquainting themselves with scaley after a 20 or so year break who enjoy an evening of beer, crisps and crashing at each others house/garages.

The latter are always astounded at the quality of my NSR 917K and are often astonished at the amount of makers available. Typical quote "I've only ever seen scalextric for sale".

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I've tried a few brands and well, i was a bit disappointed on some.

Coming from an RC background, i care a lot about how the car is made and how it handles.

I first bought a Ninco set when i started slot cars in 2006.

Ninco : fine runners, plastic wheels and gears made me a bit sad.
Slot.It : Got a Porsche 962C : CA03a. I paid a lot for this in a local shop and was not very satisfied with it. Did not handle too well, wires from the guide were rubbing against the front of the body, causing movement problem on the guide...
NSR : Got a Clio, fell in love. I felt this car would last me years. Which is the case. It handles great and i haven't had any problems with it.
SCX : Got 2 rally cars in a trade. These are a running gag with my racing friends. Very noisy, slow, deslots easily even after trying to change tires and lowering the front end a bit. Chassis too stiff, oval spur gears.

I'm running non-mag.

I rarely buy cars. Might be able to buy a few cars really soon. I rarely post here, still not used to respectful discussions on forums and i'm no expert. Slotforum really has a great friendly vibe to it.

I got 2 friends into slot rally racing, got them to buy an NSR Clio and they love it compared to all my other cars they tried. They bought one car and will most likely keep it for a long time. We're not buying a lot of cars but we're new people to the hobby!

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Dopamine- massively overrated....?

Really? They've only set the standard for what a slot car should be today.
FLY started a revolution, bringing us beautiful cars in popular designs & liveries. Their prices weren't bad & performance while hit & miss was still pretty good considering where slot cars had languished for years & years as mere child's toys. The majors mfr's took note & began improving their products, some slower than others, new brands emerged, old brands were revived, & then out of an absolute need for quality performance parts came brought us an ever-widening range of aftermarket parts so you could tune out the OEM's failings, almost universally. This was done with quality & moderate pricing, & very good quality control. Eventually, cars were offered; Group C is the company favorite, obviously, but the range is expanding; their Classics are excellent & can compete w/ NSR cars costing twice as much. Their Modern range is expanding into the truly modern era & I expect them to take the fight to NSR here as well. is extremely customer friendly, you can actually get a response from the owner of the company & he will listen. When they have a problem, they solve it. They have worldwide competitions based solely on their cars & have inspired other mfr's to do the same. does all this while maintaining acceptable & competitive pricing & keeping the QC up.
In short, they are the hallmark of what you want in a slot car. If a few sloppy tampo's & decals bring down the line for you, then you are obviously difficult to please & should move on to scratchbuilding your own brass locomotives.

Scalextric wastes money like the federal government; hair-brained products that don't work & never should have left the pre-production meeting(Motorcycles!) & short-sighted attempts @ cutting into's aftermarket business (was that Sport+ range profitable?), they & Carrera continue to make children's toys- much nicer & better than 20 years ago, but limited to being used best in their own proprietary universe, not so good when "off the ranch".

Ninco & SCX have had their moment in the sun, massively improving quality & performance, dipping into series' racing & performance parts, but it seems to have come @ a bad time, what w/ the worldwide economy crashing- the capital just wasn't there to weather this storm.
Ninco's performance line has gone through several evolutions, models are equipped w/ multiple evo's of parts, durability & design are not up to par w/ their pricing. Ninco is still one of my favorites & I am eyeing up about 8 cars right now.
SCX went in a similar direction, a little more cost-efficient I think, but floundered at the end. Let's hope they survive, the best thing to happen to them was the ability to make round plastic wheels on a consistent basis, something lost on almost every other brand.
Ninco & SCX received "Most Improved Brand" awards back-to-back.

NSR makes excellent parts & fast cars, but @ a high price. My GT40 is as good as my NSR & easier to tune & drive & it cost 1/2. Growth by NSR will only be good. If only their axles & gears were universal...... Ninco learned the hard way.

MSC & Avant Slot have come along w/ some great stuff. A/S had a rough start, but is putting out very good cars. My MSC Subaru WRX is the best Subaru slot car ever built; looks, design, performance- I want more from these guys.

I wasn't going to go further, but Rev-o-gram should just stop what they're doing now. Stop it, really. The Revell of Germany stuff is pretty decent, kitschy, but decent. The vintage NASCARS are beautiful but should be sold as body kits only. I can only think of 1 chassis design worse ever- the Sloter Opel Manta.
TeamSlot is truly frightening, but try & stop me from hunting down Lancia's & Fun Cup VW's, I'm sick. I may even try an Escort if I totally lose my grip.
I was sad to see Spirit go, they were a little all-over-the-map, but they made the best rally cars yet, the Renault Turbo 5 & the Peugeot 205T16, try & beat mine, try it. Their BMW's are beautiful & can be tamed to be great cars.

All this said, I buy lots of cars, I sell lots of cars. My ebay account says I bought 30 cars in 6 months. I buy from 2 local dealers & the US forum, & sometimes here. I don't often offer reviews because I am very critical (blunt), but I don't mind fixing cars that I like, mfr's don't want to hear that stuff. I am a racer & collector & a tinkerer; I buy cars that are visually appealing & cars I need to race. I take almost all my cars apart w/in 24 hours of purchase, if only just to see "what they did". I know I am in a small minority in a small hobby, but I can count on more than one hand guys like me in my general area; lunatics w/ over 300 cars, (I have somewhere around 500, I think, I don't actually want to know), I know a guy w/ over 2000!

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QUOTE (martini917k @ 29 Apr 2012, 16:20) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Dopamine- massively overrated....?
Really? They've only set the standard for what a slot car should be today.
All I can say to that is that I'm thankful that few others have followed's standard, otherwise we'd have a plethora of cars with wings stuck on crooked, ill fitting glass, a constant race to see how low they can get their cars to increase magnetic effect (from engine and/or magnet), and nothing with a centre of gravity higher than those found on sports cars. If and when turn their hand to producing a saloon car with a realistic ride height and corresponding roll centre, and if that car then slaughters the opposition, maybe I'll change my opinion, but until then I still say they're hugely overrated when viewed as a whole i.e., not just performance, but variety, finish, cost and the very hard to define "I want one" appeal.

I won't post here photographs of all of my Slot.its that have come to me new with flaws, because don't make bad cars and to concentrate solely on flaws would be harsh ( make great cars, but so do many other makers), but viewed dispassionately alongside hundreds of models made by a variety of manufacturers, don't stand out as anything exceptional. How many people really care whether the winner of a race laps in ten seconds or twelve? For most, it's the winning that counts, not the speed at which it is done, so take out the speed aspect of's products (my initial review did say that they are "fast and competent performers... If a lap record is your holy grail or only measure of quality, will suit you just fine") and is what's left really that much better than other manufacturer's cars? Nope, not in my experience, based on owning and racing 21 cars from a total stable in excess of 800.

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I have read through most of the posts here, there are some great points made here in this thread! Pat yourselves on your backs!

My interest in slot cars dropped off dramatically over the last year or so. I used to buy a new car every week or two, and now I am down to one or two a year.

If I had to trace back what caused my drop off in interest, it would be two fold.

The first is the rise of NSR. I don't want to bad mouth them, I am sure that they make some great cars, but their first few efforts looked aweful and went really fast, and people ate them up.

I guess that I am an old phart, because I don't want, or need hyper fast slot cars.

I find that I can have fun at virtually any speed as long as the cars perform at relatively accurate speeds for the era of the cars that we are racing.

I mean if we are racing cars from the 1940's I don't want them to run as fast as a 2004 - Mosler 900. I want them to slide around and be tippy.

The fact that everyone doesn't see things my way, drives me nuts.

I hate when we decide to race GT40's and 2 of us bring out our Fly or Scalextric versions, and then someone brings out their NSR version and beats the peanuts out of us. They are simply too fast to be fun to me.

The second thing is that I used collect a lot of cars as shelf queens. I am a motor sport enthusiast and I love learning about the history of the different marqueis etc.

A huge part of the enjoyment of this hobby, had to do collecting FLY slot cars. These cars were like a form of investment a few years ago. You could buy and sell them or trade them like currency. People lusted after certain liveries and box sets and it was great.

I collected every Gulf liveried car that Fly made, until they went too far. When they started reissueing cars as anniversary cars, or started making "fantasy Gulf" liveries, they lost me. Supply started to outstrip demand and the resale prices of the original cars started to drop.

Then the final nail in the coffin was the fact that companies like NSR and Slot.It started to release some of the same cars as Fly had been exclusive on for so many years. Overnight the value of Fly 917Ks dropped to nothing because people could buy a NSR one the went "really really fast" right out of the box, and no one wanted to be bothered with trying to tune a Fly 917 to run good.

Again, I guess that I am old and wierd, but I liked the fact that Fly cars need to be tuned. Sure it was frustrating at times, but I was a huge part of the hobby to try to get these thing to run better than your buddies Fly car.

When Slot.It came along, everyones cars ran like champs right out of the box and everybody was equal. Except everyone wasn't equal.

These "New" sorts of cars really benifitted the guys from the XBox generation. Lightning quick reflexes took over from skill and knowledge of how to build and tune slot cars.

Everyone has different reasons for enjoying this hobby, and for me it was all about the joy of sharing my interest of Automobiles and Motor Racing and when things just bacame about going wicked fast, I had little to share with the new guys appearing on the various Slot Car Message Boards.

Anyway sorry to sound so negative, I am sure that there are far more factors that have contributed to the dip in slot car interest around the World, but for me personally, this is my story.

Thanks for reading

Gordo Bond 007

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Gordo Bond 007, i wish to comment on your post a bit... I feel i'm fairly young amonst sloters here. Having grown up with video games. I love NSR cars. However, we race them magnetless on plastic track. And i must confess they are really slower than the conventional 1/24th scale parma i've seen on a wood track around here.

The wood track seemed the opposite of what i wanted, really fast and not much place for drift at the speed i've seen them go.

I do understand that some like slower racing, i'm into rally and i do enjoy a somewhat slower pace. I love cars like NSR because i know the wheels won't fly off the axles and the gear won't chew themselves up after hours of driving.

I did spend hours on tuning my NSR. And compared to a non tuned car of the same model and make, it feels much better. Even if it's not your cup of tea, i think these help bring more people to the hobby. Even if i somewhat disagree with you, it was a joy to read your post and i learned new things.

By the way, slotforum's friendly atmosphere encouraged me to get into the hobby, it made me feel like i could come here and ask questions without being mocked at

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QUOTE (Gordo Bond 007 @ 30 Apr 2012, 17:06) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>The fact that everyone doesn't see things my way, drives me nuts.
Best quote EVAR !

QUOTE (Gordo Bond 007 @ 30 Apr 2012, 17:06) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>A huge part of the enjoyment of this hobby, had to do collecting FLY slot cars. These cars were like a form of investment a few years ago. You could buy and sell them or trade them like currency.
I had my A84 Team Oreca Viper on pre-order for something like three years. I also waited ages for the Newcastle United Lister Storm. Unlike the Viper, I popped that bad boy on the track as soon as it arrived, and it promptly munched the crown gear. The vendor's advice ? "Well, you should have glued the center bearing in first." Yeah, thanks for that. Sigh. I also bought half a dozen Starter cars to use for events, and four of them arrived with cracked pinions. And yet I would still happily buy Fly cars since they are very pretty.

Now I know not to necessarily trust any car to work straight out of the box, which is a shame. RTR cars really ought to be RTR.

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I still buy new slotcars, but at a lot slower pace then a couple of years ago. When I re-entered the slotracing hobby after 20 years absence, everything was new again and I had probably 40 cars on my wishlist. Most of these were/are available so I bought these in a short period of time. I have now reached a point where all my classes (WRC, rally classics, raid, GT, LMP and endurance classics) are all stocked with enough cars, so I don't "need" any more cars (I race all my cars, no shelf queens in my collection). Only new cars that are a real good addition to my collection are being bought these days. For instance, like a lot of others on this forum, I'm waiting to finally have a good performing Lancia 037, so the Ninco one has a good chance of being the next addition to my collection.

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I only buy new slot cars, according to my budget ability. Bad thing is, all of the new ones are sitting idle in a cabinet while I wait for the money to finish the room that will become my slot car track room.
So all of my new cars have not been run, so I can't comment on their performance. My favorite brand is, but I also have quite a few Fly, SCX, and Scalextric in my collection that have been run. I quite like the SCX cars, and feel their price point and performance make them very desirable cars.

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Gordo, nice to see you posting again and I agree with just about everything you said!

I think about the time you started to lose interest was about the same time I made the commitment to move into 1/43 pretty much full time. I still buy the occasional 1/32 car, but since even my home track is 1/43 scale I tend to concentrate on the smaller 1/32 cars (and Targa Florio Cars) that don't look too out of place on my smaller scale track.

AS someone else said I basically reached a saturation point, where absorbing new releases was taking a huge chunk out of my wallet and with the economy sagging, my job constantly questionable and my kids getting older; not too mention cars stuffed in every spare space of my house, I was forced to cut back. I recently had to cut the cord on my long time Slot Classic subscription, telling Ceasar' I could no longer buy his wonderful cars was pretty tough for me. I had bought all but one of their releases for the last 4 years or so, but one of their cars would set me back equal to all the other 1/32 cars I bought in a year.

Gordo, You should check out 1/43 and the new Kyosho cars, they have allot of the same feel that 1/32 cars did 5 or 10 years ago, but they take up way less space and are a little cheaper.

I have promised myself "NO SHELF QUEENS" this time around!!

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Hey Mas; Good to hear from you too!

1/43 scale eh? ...hmmm I think that if I get into a new scale of slot cars, my Wife is gonna give me a second Vasectomy, without anastetic this time! LOL

I only own one Slot Classic slot car, a Ferrari 59/60 TR, and I think that it is my favorite slot car ever.
A real peice of art.

I have had to "narrowed" my obsession with slot cars a bit, as things were getting out of control.

I now only collect Ferrari slot cars.

About a year ago, I set a goal for myself to try to collect as many different models of Ferrari Sports Cars, and Prototypes as are available.

Someone told me that there were way too many Ferrari cars to collect, and that I could never own them all, so that sort of spured me on even more.

I currently own about 70 different and unique Ferrari slot cars. By unique I mean that if I own a
Fly - Ferrari F40, I don't have to own a Slot.It one too.

Also I try to collect that cars in THE most famous or memorable livery of that car, and then stop there. Gone are the days of having 10 different liveries of the same model of car.

Anyway good talking to to again Mas, it nice to see a few of us "older" guys still lurking around on the boards.

Ciao for now

Gordo Bond 007

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I fell off the wagon and ordered a new car.

As far as I can see the last new cars (MSC Impreza) I bought came in October last year, but were ordered on 10th July.

So I lasted a whole year without buying any new cars, although I did buy a couple of Ninco Imprezas off eBay in August.

What brought me back?

Racer Sideways Capri (actually bought off eBay as well because all the retailers I used to use seem to have sold out).

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