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I've been averaging 1 car/week lately, most from forums & ebay, most used; but let's see.....
Megane Bedelco
Ford Focus Munchis
Camaro Sunoco
Lamborghini Valvoline
Acura NSX Autobacs
Corvette red
Jaguar E Type #32
Austin Healey UK Ltd Ed

SEAT 850
Corvette C6R

Sloting Plus

Audi R18
Toyota Taka Q
Lancia LC2 Martini

2 Peugeot 406 Silhouette
BMW 635 Bastos

Lotus 72 Graham Hill

Toyota 2000GT


& as many or more of "used"

Yep, I'm sick!

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In the last month I have scratchbuilt 2 cars, a Group 12 Peugeot 307CC, a front wheel drive anglewinder mini. I have bought a 'preowned' Scalextric BRM P160 and a 1970's scratchbulit Ferrari 312B3 with a 5 pole motor and steering. Finally I bought a new Proslot Porsche 997 (cheap at £10) and an NSR Corvette CR6 white kit. Better give it a rest for a month.

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This is an interesting thread and captures my state of mind concerning slots. In fact, I am one of the ones not buying slots lately.

There are some reasons unique to me, like being I away from my home where the slots are, I will be back soon ... No, I am not in jail.

But other reasonsn are not:

(Saturation and curing of addition) If one has entered the hobby already some years ago, like many in the forum, then the collection is probably already too big and the need to buy cars is a bit of a disease\addiction, so it is a good sign that some of us have slow down.

(decrease of new offerings, raise in price, upper end market exciting but insane prices) My interst lies on rally cars and the number of new offers have declined. Some interesting new offers have appeared in the upper end market of resin cars, but
for me 150$ for a slot car is now a sign of disease, so many things I should buy first for that money.

(new offerings don´t capture me aesthetically) I moved towards more shape accurate type of cars and not so much speed. In rally it seems that speed is dominating making the shapes and scale just wrong in some of the new offerings, so the urge to buy is easier to control.

I confess that I do not know where I stand towards slot cars now, I am excited about building a new track and scratch build some cars, but ambiguous about the enjoyment of driving the cars. I need to rediscover the joy of driving the cars and I think I might have found the way.

I am tempted to give advice to the manufactures but I will control myself. Sincerely hope that they learn how to survive in this new reality because THERE ARE STILL MANY GREAT CARS TO BE MADE (I feel the disease striking again .... HELP!!)

Well, I was not able to control myself, ADVICE TO MANUFACTURERS: On the rally side, please do not make all cars wrong shape and scale for the sake of competition. Make most of them the right shape, this will just add to the diversity and make the hobby richier and will make us not resist the urge to buy the cars.

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Jaws - There are many US retailers selling from their own web stores, and a few more use eBay. About 6 big sites are price-competetive for RTR cars and have good established reputations - each site has its own quirks so I shop all of them. Many more offer parts and resins and much less discounted RTR cars, and there are also some old brick-and-mortar retail stores with barebone sites. I'm not sure what the politics are on this forum about plugging retailers - one big US shop sponsoring this forum is Electric Dreams who are always worth a look. The other major US slot car forums will provide lots of discussion of other retailers. Go to "links" at the top of the slotforum page and there is a LONG list of retailers.

I've been in 1/32 cars for about 9 months now and I'm getting to the point where I've acquired most of what I really want. There are about 4 cars I'm holding off on, and about 4 new cars I anticipate buying when they're available. My long term buying rate will probably be around 4-8 new cars a year - that's about how many new ones interest me each year in my price range. I have a larger appetite for interesting resins.

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After peaking at about 200 cars, Ive pruned them down to about 20, half of which are Can-Am. Probably not having my track set up and having no one to race with had a lot do do with things. I mean slot cars are made to be raced, arn't they? This week I sold 7 cars but brought two Daytona Prototypes _ surely not the actions of a sane man.

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Ive only just read this post.Dopamine made some vallid points in his first post, but any car can be lowered, it only takes a dremel and patience. ive just lowered a ninco merc clk to 1mm ground clearance, but you have to have an extremely flat track to run it. i cant buy new cars coz i,m on a fixed income. so its usually older bodies and scatchbuit chassis for me. i,m saving! for the£16 Racer capri body. thats how tight money is at the moment. john
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