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Hmmm. I do kinda subscribe to that bigger is better motif. At least theoretically. But also think a bigger car needs room to breathe and 'be', and the track has to therefore be in direct proportion.

Which rules 1:24 out as a scale for me.

Somehow, sometime back, possibly in order to scratch an itch, I picked up a brace of Carrera large scale cars. From memory, a 911 GT-1 Evo and a Panoz (have I made that last one up??), they didn't inspire.

But there is still a yearning, a desire, to have a go. I watch Sean's Offers page and get tempted every once in a while.

Off at a tangent, I watched a couple of the 24hrs on TubeYou the other day and was just so jealous of that Le Man's track you race on. Amazing. Hats off to whoever it is that puts that on.
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