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RfH Dome S101 technical

Here are some pictures and the technical specs of the Racing for Holland Dome S101, the car that took us to victory lane on the first edition of the Oxigen 24hrs Le Mans
March 30 - April 1st, Henley in Arden.
Although I've done most of the postings here on the forum, this scratch build has really been a team effort.
I will try to finish the Dome W.I.P post even though the car is now clearly no longer a "work in progress" and after a month of spending nearly all my free time slotracing/building,
"normal live" slowly starts to take over again.
Hope you enjoy them as much as we have, building the car and racing it

with kind regards
Racing for Holland

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Dimensions (LxWxH): 140 x 63,5 x 31mm (@0,75mm groundclearance)
Wheelbase: 90mm
Guidebase: 103 mm (distance guide to rear axle)
Total weight: 85,0 gr
Body weight: 18,5 gr
Front axle: Overall Width 60mm with 18 x 9,5mm wheels
Rear axle: Overall Width 62mm with 21,2 x 11mm wheels

Chassis: Custom build by Willem Kloppenburg
Baseplate 2 piece GRP 0,5mm with 3 suspension points, HRS frontaxle holder (modified), AW 1mm offset motor mount.
Guide: CH66 (2 guides used)
Braids: SCX Pro (2 sets used)

Front Axle: PA39 Independent
Front Rims: PA24-Mg magnesium 15,8 x 9mm, drilled for weight
Front Inserts: Ninco Pro race photo etched Speedlines (modified)
Front Tyres: SCX front, cyanoacrylate covered, custom printed Dunlop Sportmax decals

Rear Axle: PA01-54 with sloting plus bushings and spacer
Rear Rims: Modified NSR Air 17 x 10mm (5 sets used)
Rear Inserts:Modified Ninco Pro race photo etched Speedlines (concourse) , Speedlines printed and mounted on Motip foamtape (race)
Rear Tyres: 20 x 11mm P6 (just seven sets used
) / 20 x 11mm F15 (all sets used
), custom printed Dunlop Sportmax decals

Motor: Flat 6 closed (Courtesy of Mr Gary Skipp's SCX Audi R8 test hack)
Pinion: ergal 12t 6,5 mm˚
Spurgear: ergal 28t AW light shorthub (pictured with 29t)

Lights: Custom build by Gabriel Inäbnit
2x 3mm led, 2x 2mm smd led front wings, 2x 2mm square smd nose, 1 pink smd indentification led behind the rollbar, 2x 2mm red led rear lighths, Total weight in body 1,25gr
powersupply 5,5v coldcap capacitor, 1 amp 6v voltage regulator, 1 amp diode 2 tentalium caps, Total weight on chassis 2,5 gr

Body work: Bodymod's and custom decals by Tamar Nelwan.
Base SCX Dome 2001, extensively dremeled out, modified motorcover for AW motor, modified rear wheelarches with extra fairing for the crown gear, Sideskirts mounted to body.
Stock spoiler with modified wing supports (2004>) and added wing endplates mounted with motip tape ( 3 wings used) , Stock cockpit and driver with raised floor (to make room fro O2 chip and wiring)
and hole for O2 antenna (in upright position)

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