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First of all thanks to the members who guided me on my starter track purchase. I went with Carrera and my grandson and I are having a great time.

It's time to expand but I'm a little overwhelmed on what I see on this and Carrera's site.

I really like this layout and looking to do something similar -

The question I have is why the shoulders? I don't see what they are for. In my day we had and guardrail and track, that was about it. Also in the link the track designer/builder talked about "sliding" is that the same as drifting?

Any guidance on where to go next with a Carrera Evolution starter set would be appreciated.

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The borders are there to allow the cars to wiggle their rear ends and shake them all about, without falling off the track. Call it sliding, drifting, or whatever.

The trouble with barriers attached directly to the outside of the track is that they give an advantage to the outside lane. They're like rails which stop the car on the outer lane from stepping it's rear out too far, they hold it on the track.
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