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Double Trouble Vintage Meeting 2013

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Hi guys,

I am pleased to announce that next years meeting will be the weekend of April 6th & 7th. The rules and classes will stay the same as previous years.

In addition we will be holding a "Big Birds" race on Saturday afternoon for GP cars from 1950 to 1965. There will be two classes. The first class will be for cars using vintage parts built to the same standards as Double Trouble cars, the second class for cars using modern components to CSCRA rules.

I am sorry that this years event had to be cancelled but we will benefit from the superb facilities at our new clubroom as a result of the extra time spent getting everything right. I would like to thank my clubmates for all their hard work. You know who you are.


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Not to dis-tast-erous...I hope?
John/ Mick.
Many thanks for another super D/T, really missed this event last year, lets hope it continues uninterrupted from now on.
Scale track now gets full surface spot on!, moderate grip, slight texture, very appropriate for 'proper' scale racing.
Congratulations to big John Secchi on his total dominance of the 1.24 class, and to David Farrow on his overall win.
Very pleased to have defended my 1.32 class win from 2011, stiff competition from about 6 guys with some very quick, good looking models.
A big 'thank you' to my good friend Robbie Davies, he loaned me the best 1.24 model I have 'blagged' so far!
Final thanks to Mike T and David F for doing loads of work, and David's better half for some really top nosh.
On a more serious note;
I echo John's words on our good friend who is suffering dreadfull illnesss, our thoughts are with you Derek.
kind regards Bill.
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Hi Guys
Thanks for your concern I just got completely lost and instead of going back to where I knew ,I decided to let the sat nav take me cross country ,which it seemed unwilling to do and I ended up having running arguments with the silly moo who seemed hell bent on taking me back onto motorways that I knew were blocked ,so what should have been a 3 hour journey took 4.1/2 hours
Still a good weekend

cheers tony
Thanks to all the Rockingham crew for a well run meeting, both tracks were running well.
Hi all,

What a great meeting, glad everyone enjoyed themselves despite the odd technical glitch suffered by a few, Phil Smith's controller and Steve Carters broken lead wire in particular. I took a few piccies over the weekend and I'll try and get posting tomorrow.
Many thanks to at least 3 people who managed to find the debris of my Lotus 7 after it's no brakes excursion at the end of the start/finish straight. 1 headlight, a rear lamp and the grill were found the 2 tiny sidelights are all that is now missing so if any one has any spares for the Tamiya body please let me know. It will now need a repaint and then it's off to the retirement shelf along with the 166 Ferrari. Thank goodness the concours is judged before the racing!

Well done you Rockingham Retro guys!
Despite the 5am wake up call and 9pm return home, I had a great time. I love that 1/24 track and my Cox Chaparral was loving it too! The new clubhouse is fab, I wish we had a quarter of your facilities.
It was great to spend the day with such a good bunch of like minded blokes who despite some serious racing, didn't take it all too seriously ( no shouting at marshals etc).
Well done to everyone for contributing to a great social event and obviously a huge thank you to the organisers.
Now I need to get more practice and build a lexan bodied car for next year!

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QUOTE Despite the 5am wake up call and 9pm return home

You must have gone the long way round Colin, I was back home at 8pm and you are nearer to Dartford than me!
Hi guys,

Here are the results for Saturdays Big Birds race. Further results & Photos to follow.


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Ok heres some of the photos I took over the weekend starting with the big birds line up of 24th gp cars which were entered on Saturday. I'll try and give owners names starting with my own event winning Alfa 158

Phil Smiths concours winner

John Roche Lago Talbot

Mick Kerr Vanwall built on the Saturday morning and not quite finished but very quick

more to come
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More big birds
Eddie Grice

Tony Condon

David Lawson

Gerald Lambourne

Joel Thura
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Whoever had the guts to put a sidewinder Pittman in there - Bravo!

Hi Don,
It's Tony Condon's Mercedes with the sidewinder Pittman.
It was quick enough to finish 2nd in the race. We raced these cars on the small track.
Interestingly the top four in the race were all 1950's cars and the other three all had open frame motors.
Top placed can powered car was Joel Thura in 5th place.
Thanks Mick,

Congratulations Tony!

Go Pittman Go!

Hi guys,

Here are the results from Sunday. I'll post more details & some photos over the next couple of days. I'm off to work in a bit:


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A few 1/32 sports from Sunday
Mick Kerr's chappie

David Farrow's vette

Bill Charter's Porsche

Dick Gardner's Ferrari
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Hi Don
I have to come clean on this ,as although I drove the car ,and didn,t think finishing second to mick kerr on his home track was too shabby ,I have to confess I didn,t build it
it was built by Dan wilson(mesac8) from the usa ,who initially lent it to me for the north london meet a few years ago ,and finally he donated it to me
so its speed was down to dans design plus a little development work by john secchi and myself .
lovely car to drive and it ran faultlessly throughout

cheers tony
Hi guys,

Here are the rest of the results. sorry they're late but life gets busy


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1:32 Cars:


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