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We've had some posts on Doyusha cars over the past few years, including photos of boxed kits courtesy of TSRF and the LASCM, but few photos have shown much of the range or of the chassis in place. I saw these pix recently when a large collection was offered as a whole on a web auction. Too pricey for me, but 'twas interesting to see the pix.
There's a 1/24 Lotus 25 or 33, a Ford GT40, an XK120 and a Ferrari packaged as a "Testa Ross". The Testa Rossa came in blue as well as red.
The pix aren't good, but they're informative enough.
I have just one Doyusha item myself, an XK120 body minus most of the trim. Unless someone has a Doyusha chassis he doesn't want, I'll fit a Revell R3300, not identical to but in keeping with the original ladder-type Doyusha, and a similar FT16 motor. I'm not looking for the missing trim, the w'screen and front bumper unit, which were gross.
I'm glad to see Ron/Manitouguy has found the complete car he was looking for.
Rob J

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