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DPSlot Ferrari f550 Red Bull

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Anyone know how i can get my hands on a
Ferrari F550 Maranello Red Bull from DPSlot ??

DPSlot seem not to want to answer e mails !!

Any help with distributors/suppliers would be appreciated

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Simon at Getslotted has a good working relationship with Paulo (with the aide of google translators) and if you ask Si he'll put a specific order in for one in the next batch he orders. The first two loads of Dapretto cars GS got hold off either sold to pre-orders or went within the first few days of making them available.

haven't heard from you - did you manage to pass on my message to Paulo and if so any response?

Anyone else who requested get a response from Matevz?

thanks - congrats on the birth of your second son - hope you still find time for racing

Hi Matevz - I don't want to sound too desperate (but I am!) but any pearls of wisdom from Paulo in response to my query.

My need for another 550 is growing!

1 - 4 of 16 Posts
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