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DPSlot Ferrari f550 Red Bull

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Anyone know how i can get my hands on a
Ferrari F550 Maranello Red Bull from DPSlot ??

DPSlot seem not to want to answer e mails !!

Any help with distributors/suppliers would be appreciated

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One thing is sure, Matevz isn't always racing
. Congratulations ! A future slotracer !

To those interested in the Red Bull delivery, I remind you that the body is not the right one. It should be the same as the 550 Milenio done by Top Slot and OCA (Pendle has got some). Mantara has already put some of these on Ebay in the past.

I hope Paolo will make new, accurate liveries, especially some from the Scuderia Italia which won the FIA GT championship these last two years.
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