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DPSlot Ferrari f550 Red Bull

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Anyone know how i can get my hands on a
Ferrari F550 Maranello Red Bull from DPSlot ??

DPSlot seem not to want to answer e mails !!

Any help with distributors/suppliers would be appreciated

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Paulo Dapretto speak absolutely NO English and is a one man operation.

He also does not spend too much time at his PC, prefering to build or race it seems.
I have had one reply from him out of many emails sent and that one I copied my text into Italian with an online translator. I am sutre the Italian was crap but it seemed to be readable.

Try again ,or email me and I will see what I can do if no shops can help out.

BTW thats the DPslot Ferrari 550 up on top there (SlotForum banner)

Great car but, driver is too low and chassis (guide post) is VERY fragile.
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QUOTE I'll probably see Paolo on friday night. Let me know what should I say to him?

Hi Matevz,

I sent him an email regarding a problem with one of the Ferrari 550s. I sent pics, so if he is willing to help that would be great.
I also have an Order for him, so he can use the same email to reply to if he is interested.
Send him my best regards anyway.
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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