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Graham Windle
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Last year Sean at Pendle slots got one of those ds drag strip timers and threatened to hold a drag race down the corridor at pendle but unfortunatly for some reason it never happened ,Cris Crewe and I found some stupidly fast and cheap motors in an electonics catalogue at work ,bought a bunch of them and didnt get to tace them.The point of all this drivell is that we are about to start constuction of a routed strip in the works whare house (lunch time racemeets)
The basic track will be simply routed mdf ,but I plan to rout 2 extra slots either side of the main slot to insert steel rails for magnetraction ,this will then be capped off with copper tape for pick up and painted in the usual method with gloss paint.
I'll take some pics once we start building.
Has any one else in the UK built a drag strip latley I remember them being popular in the 60s but they seem to have died over here
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