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dropped front

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hi, ive seen either a corvette cr6 or a viper with a nose that slopes right down to the air splitter, i cant think of the manufacturer, any help guys. john.
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nope! its more of an lmp slope but not as severe.
tanks mick, looks like the one i want. can do without the sarcasm its not even funny. john
most questions are stupid to people that know it all, i didn,t so i asked. lmp was lower case not imp, maybe i should have used capital letters LMP. every one has to start somewhere, but calling me stupid by implication is uncalled for. the forums contributers are a friendly bunch, lets keep it that way. thats my last word on the subject. john.
thanks mcrash, but ive got 2 of those its the gt that i want. i,m a transplanted londoner liveing in newquay, so i know what an ayrton is.thanks for the help. john
hi dj i,ve just noticed your quick edit, i take it [whatever] was an apology. accepted. john.
okay dj, mistakes all around lets forget this one ever happend. all the best john.
1 - 7 of 15 Posts
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